5 thoughts on “Year 2 – Explanations

  1. An explanation is something witch explains why something hapens.
    A key features of the Explanation is how and why.
    I went on my mums iPad because I wanted to go on the blog.I licked the bowl because their was chocolate in it.mmmmmm!

  2. The key features of an explanation are
    .time words
    .Question marks

    .explamation mark

    . Comments in a list
    .Capitals letters

    .full stops
    .intresting facts
    .bullet points
    .neat handwriting

    An explanation is some that you tell somebody

    This is a explanation of how a frog is started and how it ends.
    The fist stage ofa frog is a egg.The egg are all stink together a till they grow.A tadpole is the next stage of a frog .Before it is a tag pole the egg has to grow but it won’t grow unless it is ready.After that the tag pole starts growing arms and legs that’s how it transports in to a frog .last of all the tag pole with arms also legs turns in a frog.That is how a frog starts and ends.

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