Year 2 – Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

We have been finding out about the importance of Florence Nightingale and the impact her work has had on nursing in hospitals today, as well as comparing her contribution to nursing with that of Mary Seacole, who also nursed soldiers during the Crimean War.

Read the information and watch the video about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.


Now answer these questions.

  1. How did Florence and her nurses change the conditions at the hospital in Scutari?
  2. How were Florence and Mary similar?
  3. Explain how they were different.
  4. What was Mary’s job during the Crimean War?
  5. If you could meet Florence Nightingale or Mary Seacole, what questions would you ask them?

20 thoughts on “Year 2 – Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

  1. 1.Florence told the nurses to clean up the hospital.
    2. They both worked at a hospital.
    3.Florence had white skin but Mary had brown skin.
    4.mary shackle was a nurse in the crimean war.
    5.I would ask them how did you become a supported nurse.

  2. 1She cleaned the sheets food and clean the floor.
    2They both took care of soldier.
    3They weren’t born on the same day.
    4She was a nurse.
    5I would ask Mary seacole when was she born.

  3. 1.They cleaned the hospital.
    2.They were both nurses.
    3.Florence was born in Italy and marry was born in Jamaica.
    4.A nurse
    5.what is your job.

  4. She made some beds,clean the ground and make nice yummy food for the soldiers. Mary is similar to Florence nightingale because Mary helped the soldiers in the Crimean war and Mary .Mary is different to Florence nightingale because Mary was born in Jamaica .

  5. 1: They changed it by showing that nurses can not only be cleaners they can help patients too. 2: Florence worked in a hospital but Mary worked in a battlefield. 3: Florence did not let Mary help them.

  6. 1.By telling that everyone men can’t do it even women.
    2.They are both nurses.
    3.One worked on the battlefield and a other worked in a place near by them.
    4.To help soldiers.
    5.why were you both in a war.

  7. 1.She help ingerd soldiers.
    2. They are both nurses. was born in Italy and one was from Jamaica.
    4.To help soldier’s
    5. Why do you nurse ?

  8. 1They were cleaning the hospital .
    2They were both ladies and they travelled to crimes.
    3Mary Seacole was born in Italy and Florence Nightingale was born in Jamaica.
    4I think she was a nurse.
    5Where does she live?

  9. 1.they made the nurses clean.
    2.they where both ladies.
    3.they where in different hospitals.
    4.look after people.
    5. where do live?

    I would like to meet Florence nightgale because she is richer than Marry.

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