Year 2 Florence Nightingale

In Topic we are learning about ‘Famous People’. For the next two weeks we are learning about a lady called Florence Nightingale.


I would like you to do some research of your own! Use the website below to answer the questions. Don’t forget there is a video to watch and a game to play too!

How did Florence become famous?

Which countries were fighting in the Crimean war?

Describe the hospitals in Scutari before Florence got to work.

Why was Florence known as ‘Lady of the Lamp’?

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    • the crimean war started on 1853-1856 it was about was a conflict wich ruissa lost an allience to france,britan,the ottoman empire and sardinia the immideate cause involved the rights of Christian minorities in the Holy Land, which was controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The French promoted the rights of Catholics, while Russia promoted those of the Orthodox Christians. The longer-term causes involved the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and the unw… Mo

  1. floens was a nurse.
    she went to the criamia war.
    they calld her the lady with the lamp.
    she helpd people.
    she chang things.
    she to cair of peapl.

  2. florns was born on the 12th may 1820.she work in a hospital.she make the hospital clean and cuffy.she was born in florns.when she got to the hospital there was blund.some people dindt ever have beds.

  3. Florence nightingale helps sick and poorly people.she make the hospital better then the mess and the smell. Florence was a good person.

  4. Florence nightingale became famous because she helped all of the soldiers and saved lives.

    France, Russia United Kingdom, Turkey fought the Crimean war.

    The hospitals were smelly, dirty and full of diseases.

    Florence Nightingale was the lady of the lamp because, she walked round in the night checking and looking after people carrying a lamp.

  5. Becuse she helped soldiers
    They were British soldiers
    It was very dirty Because Florenz was not there
    Because every night she used to go around with a lamp

  6. ok.Their were no more rats crawling around the floor.Their were beds for every patient and their were nice, comfy and warm blankets for everyone.The floor was scrubed they also had clean bandeges.They had nicer things to eat and drink witch also included calcium and vitamins.The walls were painted nicely.

  7. How did Florence become famous?
    She helped and saved many soldiers in the war.

    Which countries were fighting in the Crimean war?
    Britain, France, Turkey were fighting with Russia.

    Describe the hospitals in Scutari before Florence got to work?
    The hospital were very dirty, it had no beds. The toilets were really smelly they had no proper food.

    Why was Florence known as lady of the lamp?
    She use to use a lamp at night to check on the people.

  8. She became a famous because she went to Crimea war and she saved people life.

    The countries are Britan and France also Turkey were fighting Russia.

    The hospital was dirty yucky and slmy.

    They called her Lady of the Lamp because she looked after the soldiers during the night and was holding the lanten.

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