41 thoughts on “Year 2 – Footprint Detective

  1. Footprints are made by animals and humans. Different types of shoes make different types of footprints.Follwing a trail may lead you to a animal

  2. Footprints are the marks made by feet.Some animals make footprints.True footprints any show the part of feet wich touch the ground marks made by shoes are often called foot prints,too,but shoes mark might be a better name for them.
    By Zaynabbibi and majA

  3. Footprints can be found in wet sand or mud they show clear footprints, you wouldn’t be able to see footprints on carpets. Hunters and polices use footprints to find animals or humans.

  4. Describe a otters footprint…
    Its spiky and has 5 pads printed onto the ground, it is big compared to pigs footprint.

    What animal does not have a footprint and why?
    Snake, because they doesn’t have legs but it will leave a trail.

    Why do police look at footprints when there is a crime?
    It checks evidence.

  5. How can footprints be handy when looking for animals/human?
    Because it helps us learn by looking at footprints, some of us don’t know what footprint belong to the animals. They leave a path for us to follow when we want to find them.

    Compare a foxes footprint to the rabbits…
    The are the same size and shape but a rabbit has 5 toes and a fox has 4 toes.

    Does the size of animals footprints show how old the animal is?
    No, because the just shows you the size of the animal.

  6. We learnt in the story that police men and women use footprints to find clues to help them solve a case. Footprints help you find things.

  7. On the story I found out that prints will look different colours and sizes because the animals live in different homes. The sizes depends on how old or young the animal is or the type of animal.

  8. Describe a pigs footprint…
    A pigs footprint look s like a skeleton.

    Why do sharks not create footprints?
    Because it has a tail instead of a leg.

  9. Describe a dogs footprint…
    A dog foot is rough and A little bit soft.

    What equipment do you use to look at footprints ?
    Magnifyi glass

  10. HA

    Compare the human footprint to a cows…

    Because cows have 2 prints that look like jelly bean feet but humans a palm and 5 circles for toes.

    Name a animal that doesn’t have s footprint…


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