Year 2 – Fun Ways To Learn Our Spellings

This week, in Miss Smith’s SPaG group, we were learning our spellings in fun ways. Remember, practising can be fun! We don’t always need to copy them out on paper!

Some of us painted them using water on the playground…imageimage

Some of us created the words using magnetic letters…image


Some of us spelt words using playdough…image image

Can you put some of these words into super sentences?
Try using these words: warm, towards, award, swarm.

Write them on the blog.

5 thoughts on “Year 2 – Fun Ways To Learn Our Spellings

  1. I was awarded a trophy.
    I saw a coulorful dwarf.
    I was walking towards the soft green grass.
    I am really warm today.
    I saw a swarm of birds

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