24 thoughts on “Year 2 – Habitats

  1. Habitats Habitats are homes micro habitats are small habitats . Everyone have habitats.Even animals have habitats .

    Different habitats are different homes.

    How big is a ocean.

  2. how Sharks breath?
    Sharks breath whith cuts called gills.
    How big Is every Ocean?

    There is one ocean that covers a third of our planet and it is called the Pacific Ocean the biggest ocean in the world!

    How many habits are there?
    There are many habitats like a ocean and an ocean is one of mast beautiful habitat,deasut is really hot habitat and the rainforest has it name because it rains a lot.

  3. Thistles have spiky leaves,to stop animals eating them.Bees and Butterflies drink sweeter nectar from the purple thistle flowers.New thistles grow when the wind blows their fluffy white seeds.Thistles grow in pavement cracks,on lawns,along railway lines and on building sites.i

  4. Well done to all of those who have commented. I am really looking forward to sharing your ideas from this blog in our next Science lesson.

  5. 1.sea,outback,rainforest and the woods.
    2.The seagulls live near the sea because the first three letter says sea because it lives near the sea.The frog lives in the rainforest beacause in the rainforest it is really wet and the frogs like being wet.The camels live in outback because in the outback it is very hot and camels like being hot.The rabbits live in the woods because in the woods there are lots of grass and rabbits like eating grass a little bit.

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