Year 2 Horrid Henry writing challenge

Hi Year 2,

As you know, we are learning about a famous author called Francesca Simon. I know how much you all LOVE watching the Horrid Henry programmes so why not use this to help with our writing?!

Firstly: Watch the story below. You may remember it from our class novel!

Now I would like you to choose your favourite part of the story and re-write it.

Caterpillars – I would like to see capital letters and full stops used correctly.

Bees & Butterflies – I would like to see you use conjunctions and ! ? , .

Spiders & Ladybird – I would like to see you use speech marks (inverted commas) and interesting sentence openers.

You can either write the whole story or part of it – it is up to you! Make sure you post your stories on the blog. The best will get a prize!

Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Year 2 Horrid Henry writing challenge

  1. horrid henry had a awfal report and mum said that he cant go to the fair so he start being good.when dad went to the super market peter wanted to go with dad henry went to. henry wanted to push the trolly dad said to him if he was feeling alright. henry wanted to lay the table dad said okay.

  2. One Day Horrid Henrys family were going to the shop. Horrid Henrys dad was buying some food for the family. Peter said ‘Dad can i go to the shop with you’. Dad said ‘Okay’. Horrid Henry said ‘Why cant i go to the shop with you dad?’ and dad said ‘last week you were being nasty to people.’ Horrid Henry said ‘sorry.’.

  3. my favourite part was when horrid henry got the school report and when he tried to be nice so he can go to the big ride.henry was also nice to his brother by allowing him to sit in front.”thanks you henry for letting me sit in front”said peter.

  4. one morning there was henry horriblest boy in the world. him and his family were driving back home. him and his brother were playing I-spy or should I say peter was playing I-spy.”i spy with my little eye something begening with m”said peter. “funfair” shouted Henry.” no that dosen,t begin with m” said peter. no I mean funfair over there! can I go mum “said henry.”no not after that report last week only good children deserve to go”said mum . “can I go “? asked Peter “yes of course you can ” replied they all got back was time for the boys to go to bed .while henry was asleep he had a terrible dream ! suddenly he woke up he paused for a second . “hmmm if I was good I would be able to go to the fair that’s it! I should be good then I would have a better chance of going then” said henry. he silently went back to sleep.rise and shine it ws mornig henry had alredy woke peter just found him bringing mum and dads jucie .”what are you doing henry”asked peter ” I,m bringing mum and dads jucie “said henry. “but I always do it” moaned peter .they stood there fighting over the tray.

  5. One shiny day a boy called henry had been extremily good because he was helpful and kind to his mum and dad then henrys mum changed her mind she said to henry “you can go to the funfair”. henry went to the funfair henry he chose a scary ride and it was fast and cool. THE END

  6. there once was a boy name Henry he had a brother called peter he was a tell tale always tales of Henry his mum was mean to him they tell him to go to his room which was boring in his room he was bored in the room. This

  7. My favourite part was when they went on the ride and mum and dad were scared.
    “Lets go again!”said henry,”this is so much fun”.Mum and Dad screamed “NO!”.This is because they were scared.Peter shouted “Mum,I’m scared!”Peter started to cry and wanted it to stop.He closed his eyes so that he could not see how scary it was.Henry was happy,excited and was enjoying the ride.Everyone else were really terrified.

    By Aisha Kauser (2C) :) ;) :) ;)

    • Also the family had beads of sweat rolling down there forehead while there heart beat faster and faster.In Dads forehead his veins were seen.

      • Henry was really exhilarated about the ride because he had to be really perfect so he could go to the funfair and he got to chose his own ride which he wanted to go on.

  8. MY favourite part was when Henry was racing with Perfect Peter.Then Henry forgot to be careful when he took the baked bean.He falled down from the top of the row the baked beans were.THIS was my favuorite part because it was funny and lovely to watch.

  9. One day there lived a boy called Henry. “I spy with my little eye something beginning wit M.” No said henry it is a fun fair.”Henry asked mum if he could go to the fun fair.” Mum said no because,you got bad report and you get F mins wich is very bad record. Next morning Pete and dad were going to shoping.”i want to go as well “said Henry. Dad said no because you been very naughty last time. Sorry dad.tThey went to shopping. When they start getting things he been naughty again.When they came home Henry been very good. He helped in garding. Mum was so surprised.she decided that Henry can go to the funfair.

  10. The ride bit was at the end and it was funny and good but it was a bit silly but none of his friends be nice they always be mean to people.

  11. One day there lived a boy called Henry.”I spy my little eye something begin with the letter m”asked Peter.”Fun fair”Shouted Henry.”No Henry fun fair doesn’t start with the letter m”said Peter.”No look fun fair can i go please”asked Henry.”No Henry not that last time only good children duzerv it”said Mum.”Can i go mum”?asked Peter.”Yes Peter”said Mum.So they chravelled home.Henry was sleeping until he had a bad dream.”Henry your poneshed to never go to the fair”said a lady.”No Henry melted my crayons on the radio ata”said Peter.”Henry put the fire alarm on”said miss Battle-axe.”Henry was sick on my carpet”said ant Ruby.”Henry called me pretty ugly”said Margret.Thank you for Horrid Henry story.

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