Year 2 – Lady Godiva

Today, we are learning all about Lady Godiva. Use the links below to research further.


When was Lady Godiva born?

Who was Lady Godiva married to?

Why was Lady Godiva famous?

Where did Lady Godiva live?

Where can you find a statue of Lady Godiva?

48 thoughts on “Year 2 – Lady Godiva

  1. Lady Godiva was born include 11 century.
    She married Leo.fric.
    She was famous because she ride on her horse naked.
    Lady Godiva lived in coventry city centre .
    All over coventry

  2. She was born in the 11th century.
    She lived in coventry.
    She was riding her horse with now clothes in coventry.
    You can find a staue of ladle Godiva in the city centyure

  3. I finded a statue of Godiva in City centre.
    She married leforix.
    She was foumas because she was naked.
    She live in city centre.
    She was born in the 11th century.
    Peaking tom lokked at Godiva when she was naked but finally he got blinded.

  4. Lady Godiva was married to leo frik.
    She was famous because she was nakide and ridding a hourse.
    We can find a statue at the coventry city centre.
    Lady Godiva was born in 11th century.
    Lady Godiva lived in the coventry city centre.

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