Year 2 Literacy – 20.4.15

Use these websites to research Francesca Simon, the author of the Horrid Henry books.


Blog what you have found out about Francesca Simon.

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  1. Francesca Simon spent her child life on the beach in California, and started writing stories at eight years old.She went to Yale and Oxford University to learn medieval history and literature. She threw away a CAREER as a medievalist and worked as a freelance journalist, writing for the Sunday Times, Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Telegraph, and Vogue.

    She read so many stories to her son Joshua, that persuaded her to start writing kids’s books and many of Francesca’s writing have been based on real life problems.One of Francesca’s most impressive stories has been the famous Horrid Henry,which was written in 1994.

    Horrid Henry has been seen from all over the globe and his adventures have been written in 27 languages, and have millions of copies worldwide. In 2008, Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman won the Children’s Book of the Year Award at the Galaxy British Book Awards.

    Francesca is one of the nation’s most popular authors and has written over fifty books for children of all ages. When she is not writing,Francesca is often encouraging and inspiring young writers and has judged many writing COMPETITIONS for schools. She has also been a judge for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. In 2009, in one of the proudest moments of her career, Francesca was awarded a Gold Blue Peter badge.

  2. Francesca simon was born in californai in america. Francesca simon wrote 50 books for publish. She is now born in London and she had a sun called joshuer he curried her to write chilldren books.Tony ross is the illustrated for Horrid henry.Francesca simon won a prize for Horrid henry and the abominable snowman. Horrid henry is the populla book.

  3. Francesca Simon was born in st Louis,Missouri grew up in California,and attended both yale and oxford universtties,where she specialiced in Medieval studies.How this prepared her to write children books the cannot imagiane,but it did give her a thorough groundling in alliteration.Then she threw away a lurcutive. She wrote lots and i mean lots of Horrid Henrry books.

  4. Francesca simon wrote lots of horrid henry and was famous for books . Her first book of horrid henry has in 1994. Had one sun called joshua . she wrote 27 languages of horrid henry books .
    then people loved the story sowe they made it a cartoon then a movie . She want to yale uinervisty

  5. she started writing Horrid henry books in a age off 8.

    she wrote in 27 language with million of copies.
    she had a son joshen he was born in 1989 but she did have a family.
    she wrote over 50 books.

    her age now could be 60.

  6. Francesa was born in st Louis,missouri, grew in califorinia
    and attended both yale oxford university, where she specialised
    in mediveil this preped her to write.

    she also wrote 50 books and 27 languages. she wrote lots of books
    like early readers.

  7. she started an age of eight she wrote her first horrid henry book 21 year ago . She wrote over 50 books, in 27 languages with 1 million copies worldwide. her sons name is joshua.she had a family .

  8. Francesa Simon had more than 50 books published.
    Francesa Simon her first book was called papa forgot and was published in 1983.
    She has grown-up son called Joshua.
    She usually works in silence.

  9. francesca simon ulso wrot joke books aswell here is some what
    ar 2 robers called a pair of nickers.what haprnds when the quween burps she issues a roal pardon.

  10. franciester simon was encouraged by her son Joshua to start writing childrens books many of Francesca’s stories have been inspired by real life situations one of francesa irrrepesiple

    farhaad + faheem

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