Year 2 Plant Investigation

Year 2 have been helping Jack decide the best way to plant his beans. In the story, his mum threw the beans out of the window. Was this the best way? How could we plant the best beanstalk? We decided to investigate and find out!

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The Caterpillars investigated whether it mattered if we planted the bean on top or under the soil.

Ladybirds & Spiders wondered whether it made a difference which way up we planted the seed.

Bees and Butterflies investigated whether it made a difference if you planted the bean near the bottom or near the top.

Unfortunately our investigation hasn’t gone to plan and only one plant has grown.


What did you predict would happen?

Can you explain what might have gone wrong in our investigation?

Is this what you expected?

24 thoughts on “Year 2 Plant Investigation

  1. I wanted to plant the seed were the roots are at the bottom.
    Because its better than putting it like upsidedown. Mrs street and Mrs cotten.

  2. Challenge

    1) I predict that if you plant a bulb up it will grow most. If you plant the bulb the wrong way it will not grow strong and tall. It may not even grow.
    2) I think that the soil was not that good. It may not have the correct nutrients to allow the growth to happen. I also think that someone might have put to much water making it damp and soggy. We also planted in the shade, and there was no sunshine to allow the bulb get its energy to grow.
    3) I expected all the bulbs to grow.

  3. Jack’s mom through the beans outside of the window and jack was sad one day
    A bean stuck was growing and jack climbed up the bean stuck then he saw a castle

  4. I predict that the straight seed will grow.
    I predict the straight seed must grow faster.
    I predict the upside down plant will not grow slower

  5. I predict that the seed might get worse. The seed could be dry and too old. They
    might need some more care. Some seeds look mouldy. The date could be past all
    ready. I did not expect for this to happen.

  6. .

    I prdicdid every plant would grow but it didn’t grow only one works.
    2. The soil had gon of or the plant gon of.
    3. Now it didn’t.

  7. I think that maybe if you buy IN DATE seeds. (check the label just in case). You could also buy fertiliser and I THINK (NOT SURE) put it on one week and I think that you leave it for eight weeks (I THINK NOT SURE). If you want to do it, do it but if you don’t,don’t.

  8. 1. I think they should go to the shops by come daisy seeds in just to check if it works 2. The soil was bad because it was too old.3. I don’t know.

  9. Ladybirds.

    It grows when it is on its back and when it surface.
    I didn’t think it will grow.
    Because it didn’t have a big hole.

  10. I thought that all of them would growed but they didn’t they might not grow because they were on the radiator or nobody watered it on the weekends.

  11. I predicted that the one in the middle would grow.It didn’t grow because the radiator was to warm.I expected it to grow but it didn’t.

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