20 thoughts on “Year 2 – PSHE – New beginnings Week 2

  1. A. 1. We must attend and leave school on the right time.
    2. We must listen and respect our teachers.
    3. We should play nicely with other children.
    4. We must not scribble on anything from school.
    5. We must not fight with children.

    B.The rules are needed because we need suitable environment to achieve our goals.
    C. If we break the rules , it will makes adults and children very upset.

  2. 1) Be kind
    2) Respect others
    3) Don’t talk when the teacher is talking
    4) Put your hands up if you have a question
    5) Don’t shout out

    We need school rules to make sure we do the right things.
    If we break the school rules we won’t be able to learn.

  3. Our school rule is Stop and look, listen.
    We all should have kind hands all times and respect each other in class and outside in playground.
    Speak nicely to teachers and others in class.
    Help and care for each other whether its inside class or outside class.
    Do your very best in class give your 100% in Reading and writing and all in activities….
    Why should we follow the school rules so we can be good in ourselves and behave good.
    If you break a school rule then you get a warning then you go on the traffic light, if so behaved doesn’t improve then in the RED behaviour book… Which is not nice because it makes our adult and teachers very sad and dispointing in us… It shows we have not followed our school rules.

  4. The school rules are rules that keep you safe like if the teacher tells you slow down and you don’t you can trip over.
    They are needed because they keep you safe.

  5. 1. Follow instructions all the time.
    2. If you don’t follow the school rules you will go on the traffic lights.
    3. You will go in the behavior book.
    4. They will feel sad ,angry and anoyed.

  6. Look and listen please
    To respect and care for all things
    To give off your best
    To speak to everyone respectfully
    To follow instructions to the best off your abilities

  7. School rules are needed because you will do the right thing.School rules are things that tell us what to do.If you break the rules you will get in trouble.

  8. 1. Stop look and listen please when your asked to do so
    2. To respect and all things.
    3. To give of your best.
    4. Speak to everyone respectfully
    5.to follow instructions to the best of your ability

  9. What are our school rules? School rules are something to warn people to do the right thing. Why are rules needed? Rules are needed because so everyone can do the right job.

    • What happens if you break the school rules? If you break the school rule you will get told off but you right thing you won’t get told off

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