27 thoughts on “Year 2 – PSHE – Week 3

  1. Some super ideas Year 2! We had a great discussion as a whole class about how to calm ourselves down and how to support others who are sad or upset.

  2. I count to ten on my fingers.
    I take a deep breath.
    I sit on a bench.

    If my friend is angry, I will tell them to be calm.
    I will tell them to be happy and don’t be upset.

  3. When we are angry and can’t calm ourselves down, sat down and breathe in and breathe out and write down on paper and talk to an adult.

    The advice you give others is be happy and talk about your problems to an adult let your feelings out so they know what’s happening to you. Share your thoughts to one each other.

  4. When we are angry or upset we can count to 10 in our mind. We can have a little timeout and read a book. We can listen to music or sing a song in our head. We can breathe in and out slowly. We can do some exercise as well.
    If someone is upset then I will cheer them up by playing with them. I can be their friend if they don’t have any.

  5. I Like to be helpful and if there are a new boy or girl l play and look after them.
    if someone angry say something good then they will be better and happy

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