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Year 2 – PSHE – Week 3

Children in Year 2 learnt that everyone is different but needs to feel included.

See our video to see how they learnt this and answer the following questions:-

How does it feel when you are left out?

Which words can you list to explain the range of feelings?

How can we make sure everyone is included?

How will that make others feel if we include them?

11 thoughts on “Year 2 – PSHE – Week 3

  1. I would feel devastated and lonely.
    Frightened,lonely,devastated,unhappy and upset.
    First I would say What is the matter.Then I would say join in our game if you want.
    They will feel happy,excited to play with someone kind and good.

  2. 1.I feel lonely and worried.
    3. we can tell everybody to join in.
    4.They will feel happy and equally like others.

  3. I feel lonely and sad.
    Scared, lonely, sad, upset and frightened.
    Make sure everybody knows, keep asking to play.
    They will feel happy and everybody will be happy.

  4. I feel sad and lonely when I am left out,
    Scared, upset, lonely, frightened,
    To make sure everyone is informed,
    Everyone will be happy to be included.

  5. I feel sad.
    We should be well behaved, caring and sharing.
    They will feel happy and important.

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