25 thoughts on “Year 2 – PSHE – Week 5

  1. Community means a group of people that is part of your family or friends.
    I would take my manners and class rules.
    Fighting and disrespect.
    Teamwork and I would like to have more after school clubs.

  2. I would take kindness,being helpful,being honest,kind hands and good manners.I
    would leave behind is bad manners, being unkind.I would take good swimming
    Iessons,good learning.

  3. 1.respect and care because so people think that you are a great friend and talk nicely to each other to be kind to everyone in school show good behaviour.
    2.I don’t want to take bad behaviour because people will don’t go to Broad Heath
    3.work as a team and listen to the teachers 👨‍🏫.
    4.community means you work hard as a team

  4. Community means that you are working as a team .
    I will take a manners and listen skills .
    I will not let the class down because that’s is breaking the rules .
    I will bring super good behaviour.

  5. The word community means that your part of a team.🦄
    Treat others how you want to be treated.🦋
    No talking in lessons.👑
    More teamwork.🐣

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