Year 2 Reading at home

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This week, when listening to children read, I have realised many are not reading at home with their adults. Reading journals are not being signed by parents and this could mean children are keeping the book for weeks because they are only reading in school. This will not motivate the children and excite them to finish a good book!

PLEASE listen to your child read at least 2-3 times each week and sign in the diary when you have done so. It is good to write which page they have read up to, a short comment on how well they did with reading/answering questions and your initials. Please check if your child has been set a challenge by their teacher. If you are unsure please pop and see the Year 2 team.

We are, of course, teaching your children to read at school…

So why read together at home?

  • To set your child up to succeed – not just in English but in ALL subjectsImage result for the more you read
  • To develop language skills – while you may speak with your children every day, the vocabulary you use is often limited and repetitive. Reading books ensures that your child is exposed to vocabulary on different topics, which means they hear words or phrases which they may not hear otherwise in their day to day lives. The more words they know, the better. For children who speak more than one language, reading is an easy way to help their language skills and is important to develop their fluency.Image result for talking clipart
  • To encourage a thirst for knowledge – reading with your children leads to questions about the book and the information within. It gives you a chance to speak about what is happening and use this as a learning experience. It may also develop an interest in different cultures or languages. There is nothing better seeing a child who loves to learn.Image result for knowledge clipart
  • To develop imagination and creativity –  when we really engage in a book we imagine what the characters are doing. We imagine the setting as reality. Seeing the excitement on a child’s eyes when they know what is going to be on the next page, or having them guess what is going to happen is one of the most amazing things to experience!
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  • For entertainment – With so much technology these days, it is difficult not to get caught up in all the hype of it all. TV, video games, smart phones and apps are popular among children. However, reading a good book that your child is interested in can be just as entertaining. With all of the negative effects of screen time, choosing a book that interests your child is definitely a better option.

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