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  1. Blue shark gold shark
    skerry shark kind shark
    horrid shark good shark nice shark
    Hard shark ugly shark cool shark
    nice star fish cool star fish bullying shark horbile star fish
    pink star fish kind star fish

  2. Shark are fish. The whale shark is the biggest fishin the world.Some whale shark are 12 metres (40 feet long).

    Dogfish shark,

    Dog fish shark are small,some are only 30cm long. There are more then 350 different kinds of sharks in the world.

  3. whitetip sharks
    great white sharks
    tiger sharks
    blue sharks
    lemon sharks
    cookiecutter sharks
    glow lantern sharks
    whale shark
    sand tiger shark

    • silver glossary
      shallow means water of little depth
      coral means is an invertebrate which lives in a colony and is made up of small pieces which all have a hard exoskeleton

  4. Gold challenge

    Contents page

    Types of sharks page…1
    where do sharks live page…2
    what do sharks eat page…3
    How do sharks swim page…4
    How do sharks breath page…5
    Important facts page…6
    Glossary…page 7
    Index…page 10

  5. Bronze;
    Whale Shark
    Dogfish Shark
    Black tip reef Shark
    Blue Shark
    White tip Shark
    Coral is a hard stony substance created by certain marine as an external skeleton.
    Shallow means of a little depth.
    Contents Page:
    Life of a Shark…page 1
    What do Sharks eat?…page 3
    What are Sharks?..page 5
    Where in the sea do Sharks live?…page 6
    Fun Facts…page 7
    Glossary…page 9
    Index…page 10

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