67 thoughts on “Year 2 Reading Challenge

  1. The book I am writing about is called,’Savannah the Zebra Fairy’.
    I am interviewing a fairy called Savannah, she is a Baby Animal Rescue Fairy:
    1. How old are you? I am 116 in fairy years but in human years I am 16.
    2. What is flying like? It’s fun! You can get around much quicker then walking.
    3. Is Jack Frost always bad? No some times he is good but most of the time he is bad!
    4. Do you enjoy living in fairy land? Yes it is fun because
    there are always lots of things to do.

  2. I make lovely consequences to people that make me happy or I don’t make lovely consequences to people that don’t make me happy in the world like anybody here okay!

  3. Silver challenge Matilda is nice and kind she is abit sneaky and cheeky. She does not cry she is brave Matilda Sneak’s into peoples house’s and eats chocolate she is a honest person and a pretty girl.

  4. Silver challeng Matilda is very kind and friendly she looks like she is helpful.she shairs and some times she is a bit sniky and cheeky.Matilda does not cry she is braveshe can sneak into peoples house’s and eat choclate.

  5. deportment-means the conduct or obedience of a child in school, as graded by a teacher.
    grimaced-a facial expression, often ugly or contorted, that indicates disapproval, pain, etc

    silver- dear diary my character is called Princess Lulu and she
    feels happy because she can go on adventures and she gets to play with friends, she gets to play outside and she gets to go to a ball with her friends.Also,she goes to the park and she really feels happy playing with her friends.
    1.) how to you feel when you play with your your friends?
    Answer- I feel happy and excited playing with my friends.
    2.) how do you feel going on adventure?
    Answer-I feel brave and happy.
    3.) when do you go to party? Answer- When i go on holiday.

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