Year 2 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge – Year 2 – Summer 1

This term our class novel is Flat Stanley. Read the opening pages of the Flat Stanley novel.

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Bronze Challenge

Write a list of adjectives to describe Stanley.


Silver Challenge

Write a list of questions that you would like to ask Flat Stanley.


Gold Challenge

Design a page for a thesaurus using words from the text.

13 thoughts on “Year 2 Reading Challenge

  1. Where duse the flat stanley live
    Duse he live in amairica?
    How can this flat Stanley get flat?
    Duse the flat strat stanly have a grandad or a good mum and a dad

  2. Silver challenge

    When were flat Stanleys parents born .

    Who were Stanley and Arthur.

    When was Stanley and Arthur born?

    How did Stanley get flat ?

    Bronze challenge


    good boy

  3. How did Stanley get flat ?
    How can he be flat and his perant are not flat?
    Can Stanley get like his mum and dad with now help?
    Was Stanley born like that ?
    Wen was stanly born?
    Wen was Stanley’s mum , dad and brother born?

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