Year 2 Reading Superstars

Today Miss Smith had the opportunity to spend some time looking at children’s reading journals. She was SO impressed with some of the superstars she spoke to. 

Here are Kaila’s beautifully presented reading challenges in her diary. Can you complete a challenge neatly too?

These super Broad Heath citizens have been reading regularly with their parents at home. This means they will make super progress this year as they show a fantastic attitude to learning!

Kai & Kaila love to read with their mums!
Israa reads lots with dad!
Amir reads regularly with mum & moved to the next band today! Great!
Our Lillie reads so beautifully with expression and takes an interest in what she reads. She is keen to share her knowledge! She reads lots at home with her grown ups and this certainly pays off as she also moved to the next band today!

Miss Smith will continue to keep a look out for Year 2 children who are excellent role models for reading at home!

Watch this video for some reading reminders… 

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