Year 2 Science Club

We have a brand new group of children in Science club this term and we have already had a fantastic start!

Last week we were learning about magnetism. We learnt: what a force is; how magnets are used in real life; which objects are magnetic and what happens when you put different poles together.

Can you tell me what you learnt?  Name some objects which were magnetic and some objects which weren’t.


This week we learnt about electricity. We learnt: what the components are called; how to make a simple circuit with a bulb; what happens when you add 3 bulbs and how to make the bulbs brighter.

What else would you like to learn about in Science club?

9 thoughts on “Year 2 Science Club

  1. Electric things can only work by battery’s cells and other things all metal things don’t all atract they repell

    SCIENCE club is the best club I’ve been to🤑😃😀😄😅😎🤓🌎
    Lighting up three bulb at time was impossible to do
    Science club is hard but FUN!!!!!!!

    • I am glad you have been enjoying Science club Ayaan! That is lovely to hear. Lighting up 3 bulbs wasn’t IMPOSSIBLE. What happened when we tried to do this with one battery?

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