Year 2 SOLE project

[ads_color_box color_background=”#ff2929″ color_text=”#424242″]Some children in Year 2 were asked to complete an independent project.[/ads_color_box]

[ads_color_box color_background=”#ff9191″ color_text=”#424242″]They had to think about what they would need to do to open their own pizza company.[/ads_color_box]

[ads_color_box color_background=”#ff8d36″ color_text=”#424242″]During the week they visited a local independent supermarket to research the price of food, then they had to compare the prices to Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco and our own kitchen.[/ads_color_box]

[ads_color_box color_background=”#f2ff3b” color_text=”#424242″]They then had to put the price into a spreadsheet and check they came with a budget. Other activities included: Making a logo for the business, making an iMovie presentation and even some songs to promote their business. [/ads_color_box]

Here is a video that captures some of their creativity:

4 thoughts on “Year 2 SOLE project

  1. We did our own work in independently.After that we had to write a Title.After this we had to do a bugdet on the Computers in different Groups . We typed all the costs for some People to Buy and typed it on the Computer from the Piece of another Paper and combined what it cost and looked at the Wether it was close to our budget.I enjoyed this week so much!😊😊😊

  2. We did are own work in independent and git on with it,we also needed to do what we were asked to do.When we done that we had to write a Title,and did that.Then we also did the same TotLe on different Paper and got on with it!When we done that we had to do something on the Computers that everyone in all the Groups got to do and typed all the money it cost for some People to Buy and typed it on the Computer from the Peace of another Paper and copined what it cost and looked at the Budghet and checked what it was and did lots of work on it!Some People may had said it was fun and also I said that.

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