Year 2 Tea Bag Investigation

Well. this week there was a big problem in the Broad Heath staff room. The teachers tea bag pot was EMPTY and somebody had accidentally bought loose tea leaves instead. The teachers did not want to use these as they stay at the bottom of their drink and they were afraid they would drink them. They don’t taste very nice!

images Tea Loose Leaf


Year 2 were set the challenge of finding the most suitable for a tea bag! We did not want the tea leaves going to waste!

We decided our tea bag needed to be absorbent and strong.

We tested toilet tissue, tin foil, kitchen roll and greaseproof paper. Can you explain how we tested each material? Here is a video to remind you.

What happened in our investigation?

Which materials were NOT suitable for a tea bag and why?

Which material was BEST for a tea bag and why?

12 thoughts on “Year 2 Tea Bag Investigation

  1. Tin foil parchment paper because the water did not go brown and the water did not go through, the tin foil was water proof. The parchment paper just ripped and all the leaves fell out. The tissue & toilet paper was best to make a tea bag because the water went brown.

  2. we found that kitchen roll is the most suitable because the water turned brown and the tea leaves didn’t come out. We found that the tin foil was not suitable because it is waterproof. Murran & Aliyah

  3. In our investigation we put seeds and then we got some water in a glass and got materials and put the seeds in it and wrapped it up.The waterproof materials were not suitable for this investigation because it was too soft.The material that was best for this tea bag was tissue paper because the seeds would not fall through the material.

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