Year 2 Trip to Coventry City Centre

As you may know, this week in Year 2 is based on our city, Coventry.

Today we visited the city centre to learn all about the history of Coventry. We visited the transport museum, the Lady Godiva statue, the ruins of the old cathedral and also the new cathedral. It was a great day and we all gained lots from it!

Have a look and see how much fun we had!

Can you tell me an interesting fact you have learnt today?

What else would you like to find out this week?

14 thoughts on “Year 2 Trip to Coventry City Centre

  1. Lady Godiva rode on her horse in protest because her husband Leofric was taxing the poor people. She was naked and was riding on her horse when a naughty man called peeping Tom looked at her out of his window, he went blind. In broadgate in town you can see Lady Godiva coming out of the clock. There is also a big statue of her.

  2. we have learnt about the cathedral. We saw the old cathedral ruins and the new cathedral. I liked the stained glass windows in the new cathedral. I would like to learn how they make stained glass windows.

  3. I learned about the ruins of the cathedral, and I learned about the blitz that they went in when the Germans bombed Coventry.

    I would like to learn more about the ruined cathedral.

    • Lady Godiva was married to a rich man called leofric who asked her to ride naked on her horse and he will give the poor some money. It happened in 1024AC.

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