Year 2- We have the best friends!

Who are your friends?

Why are they a good friend?

Watch the clip to hear Timon and Pumba talk about their best friends:

Some vocabulary to use:

generous, helpful, caring, kind, hardworking, likes the same activities, thoughtful, happy, fun, talks, brave, cheerful, considerate, empathetic, faithful, forgiving, funny,  gentle, giving, good listener, honest, humorous, kind, loving, loyal, nice, optimistic, reliable, responsible, sensitive, sweet, sympathetic,  trustworthy, truthful, wonderful.


85 thoughts on “Year 2- We have the best friends!

  1. My friend is Marvin because he always is nice to me, we always play together. He share iPads and computer with me when were in class.

    Marvin always makes me laugh because he tells funny jokes.

  2. My best friend is Mandy because she helps me with my work when it’s hard! My best friend is Samantha because she plays with me. My best friend is Marvin because he be’s kind to me.

  3. my best friend is Armaan because helps me with my work and hes funny and helpful caring!My friend is Lisa because she tells me funny jokes!My best friend is Sarina and Chloe because ther funny and help me when im upset

  4. my friends are yibo,aidan,marcel and muhammed.yibo is my friend because he likes what i like and aidan is my friend because he helps me with my technolgy.

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