Year 2 – Wednesday 22nd October

**Exciting news, just in**


Next week, Year 2 are learning all about Coventry and to help us to celebrate how fabulous Coventry is, we are having an Engineering Day.

You will learn all about the huge part Coventry has played in British Engineering and to celebrate this, we would like ALL of Year 2 to come to school dressed as engineers (in shirts and ties) or factory workers (in jeans, t-shirts, dungarees, combat trousers etc) on WEDNESDAY 22nd OCTOBER.


If you have any questions, ask a member of the Year 2 team.


Miss Dewar, Miss Smith and Mr Carter

8 thoughts on “Year 2 – Wednesday 22nd October

  1. The Engineering means branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. I have found this on google by searching

  2. That’s a fantastic question Aria, you will learn all about engineering on Wednesday. See if you can find out what engineering means before then.

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