Year 2 Week 6 Homework – PSHE

For your homework this week, we would like you to choose ONE of these challenges based on our learning in PSHE this half term. You can write your answers on the blog or on paper and give it to your teacher.


Write a letter to make a new child feel welcome in your class.


List some of the school rules. Tell me 5 ways in which you follow them.


We have been learning that our behaviour has consequences. What happens if we break the school rules? What happens if we always do the RIGHT thing? Do you think these consequences are fair?
(Clue: Think about the traffic light, certificates, dojo points, behaviour book, posh nosh, adventure playground etc.)


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Create a poster to show different ways to calm down when you are angry. Draw yourself in the middle and write lots of different ideas around you.


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Tell me 3 ways in which you are going to make a great start to next half term.

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  1. Bronze
    Metal is strong enough and hard.
    Wood is like a tree but a saw could cut log and tree.
    Plastics are made to be transparent.
    Glass can be made into different shape.
    Fabrics are made from thin fibres woven together.

    ● A metal is not good for a coat because it will be hard.
    ● No because it will not be transparent so you can’t see
    ● It is not good because it will fall down e.g if you put a tea onto the table.

    Transparent: allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.

    Waterproof:Not liable to be washed away by water.

    Absorbent : able to soak up liquid easily.

    Flexible : capable of bending easily without breaking.

    Paper- Paper is a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibres. It can be used for writing, printing, packaging and cleaning.

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