Year 2 – Week 6 Homework

This half term in PHSE you have been learning all about choices.

Imagine that you have 3 magic coins. These coins can be used to purchase anything but you can only use each coin once. Each coin can purchase one thing.

Which three things would you choose to buy?

Why would you make these choices?

It is really important that you explain WHY you have made these choices.


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  1. With the 1 coin I would buy a big place that I could do what I wont.
    With the 2 coin I would buy clothes and food.
    With the 3 coin I will buy things for other pepole.

    Because it would make my life better

  2. With my first coin I will buy a real car because so I can Learn how to drive.With my next bean i will get a I pad so I can go on the blog.With my last bean i will buy a toy car because I wii play with Keaton

  3. With the first coin I would buy a division book because it’s educational and the second coin I would buy a dictionary so if I want to find the meaning of words I can find them.Last I would buy a iPad so I could do resech

  4. The first thing I will buy is a laptop to do my homework. The second coin I will buy a princes house because I am a princes. The third thing a will buy is a scooter to ride it to school.

  5. With the first coin i would buy a house because i want to decorate my own room.
    With my second coin i would buy a flat screen TV because i want a bigger TV to play on my Wii.
    With my last coin i would buy a robot chef who would make me delicious food all my life.❤️❤️❤️

  6. 1.I would like to buy a Lamborghini because it is cool and fast and it is my favourite car.
    2. I would like to buy a new house with a big garden beceause there
    Is’nt enough room to ride my bike in my little garden.
    3.I would like

  7. I would like to buy a house because l can live with my family.

    I would like to buy a bed because l can sleep.

    I would like a computer because l can learn how to write and search things on the computer.

  8. I would buy a ben 10 watch because it is a toy people.
    I would buy power ranger toy and sweets.
    I would need food and water apples and bananas.
    I would like a swiming pool.
    I would buy a tv.
    I would buy a house.
    I like to go on holiday because i can see my coool cartoon games.

  9. I would like to buy a chill facto ice cream maker because you can make ice cream.

    I would like buy a pet rabbit because they are so furry.

    I would like to buy a magic wand because it can do magic.

  10. I will buy a doll to have fun with them but i really like them the second thing I like to buy a girl car to play with everyday the third thing I will want to have a Bike to play on This will be fun.

  11. I would buy a temporary swimming pool so i can learn how to swim.
    I would buy frozen dolls so i can play with them on the field.
    I would buy some books to read it everyday so i can read at the
    park and at the huge field.

  12. With my first coin I would buy a holiday to the beach because my family like the beach. with my second coin I would buy a trip to Drayton manor for all my family because we would all have lots of fun together. Finally with my last coin i would buy a big house with a swimming pool so that me and my brothers and sisters can go swimming everyday.

  13. First i want to buy a chill factor ice cream maker because summer is coming.

    Second i want to buy a frozen play dough because i want to make diffrent things with it.

    Third i want to buy a present for my brother because it is nearly his birthday.

  14. I would buy a pink and blue bedroom with roses and flower stickers on the wall because it will sound nice. I would buy sparkly known and a shing flower because I would be like Queen.I would buy a iPad because i can play games.

  15. I would buy a racing car, because I want to give it to my cousin brother, so he could play with it and I would like to buy some new football shoes, so when I am playing football I can wear them.
    I also want to buy a new ipad, which I spend lots of my spare time.

  16. With the magic coins, I would buy:

    1. A holiday to Disney land Paris because I think my family would have a good time.
    2. Then I would buy frozen toys because I have no frozen toys and I love frozen.
    3. I think it would be great if I can get more money so my dad did not have to work anymore. I would do this so we can spend more time with him.

  17. I would buy a nice,comfortable bed so I can be warm in the night and so that I can sleep well.
    I would buy a theme park so everybody can come and I will get lots of money also I could enjoy my-self
    I would buy nice warm clothes.

  18. I would like to buy a milk because it contains calcium which then make the teeth and bonds strong. I would like to buy a wound because I would look like a beautiful fairy or a beautiful princess. I would like to buy a car because I can travel everywhere. I would like to buy a hotel because poor people can live in my hotel. I would like to by a house so we can live in.

  19. I would like to buy clothes to cove our bodies and keep us warm.
    I would buy books and pens and give them to the poor children.
    I would buy beds for the mum and dad and the children who sleep on
    the roadside.

  20. I would buy a mokntrol car because i dont have to push it.
    I would buy a helicopter because it flys.
    I would buy food because to stay healty

  21. I would by some food because we need to stay healthy.
    By some exercise toys to get healthy and strong.
    Get some toothbrushes and tooth paste.

  22. I would buy a magic wand because I could pretend that I was a fairy princess and I could rule the world. I would buy a toy truck so I could play racing cars with my baby brother. I would buy my mum and dad a house in the countryside so they could have peace and quiet with the children in the fields of the enormous countryside.

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