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  1. If I want to go on my dad,s computer I always ask my dad if it is okay for me to go on it.But I always make sure that I plug in my dad,s computer.I never press on the button that I not sure about

  2. I awalys ask my family before I go on my tablet, and now I know not to give any information about myself . This video was good for me .

  3. Make sure you log out!
    Because it is important for you to log out.
    If you don’t log out somebody will use you’re account!
    You won’t know that somebody’s using you’re account and they won’t know?
    Then people will think it’s you’re account but it’s there turn but there using you’re account and you will be getting told off!

  4. Never give out my information when on the internet, if I need to fill details in for anything I ask my mum if I can first. I never go onto websites I don’t know about, I like to watch funny cat videos but I have YouTube kids app that only shows things I can watch, and my mum has put a password on my tablet so I can’t go on anything unless she unlocks it first.
    At home, I have passwords for all online activities, but I also use a broadband filter service which only allows child appropriate content to be viewed.

  5. Update and use plugins

    Child friendly search engines

    Get permission from parents

    Keep personal things private .

    Encourage child to be open

  6. To ensure child safety while using the Internet there are many things parents can do.
    1. parents should make sure that child asks permission to use the computer.
    2. The child must be supervised while on the Internet, not left alone, at least let the child use the Internet in a place that a parent can see.
    3. The parents must update the plugins.
    4. Parents should teach their children, to never give their details while online no matter what.
    5. Child should be tought to talk to the parents if he or she feels uncomfortable while using the Internet.

  7. It,s important for you to go on the website and be carful on the website because somebody mite take you’re money they won’t give the prise to you.
    If you’re waiting for you’re it can take long because they took you’re money and you won’t know that they’ve stole you’re money and they won’t bring you’re prise to you.

  8. Always ask parents before using the computer . Don’t share your personal information on net.if i don’t understand some thing I always ask my mum and dad.

  9. Dont share too much details

    Do not go on websites you do know

    You need to make sure your child uses the computer in a open area

    Supervise what your child is doing on line and block any in appropriate website

    Never klick on any button you are not sure about

    Don’t share private details online or personal information

  10. Always tell your parent to plug in the plugs.
    Let your parents know that you on a Laptop and ask primition to your parents to go on a Laptop and you have to listen to there orders if they say no listen to them and if they say yes you can listen to your parents . Also maKe sure that there next to you or you will be in treble and you have to tell them what you did. I like the video because it was for saftey to wach the video.

  11. There are many things mum and dad could do to keep me safe online. In reference to this video, I have highlighted 5 principal tips to keep me safe:
    1. Always get a permission before using my computer or iPad; and always try to sit with mum or dad when I am using it. Mum always makes me sit in an open area when she’s busy, so that she could see what I am doing.
    2. Mum and Dad need to update the browser regularly and download a plugin which will prevent me from accidentally visiting bad websites.
    3. Use a child friendly search engine such as kidrex.org or searchypants.com/hamptonschool. It will only display list search results which will be suitable for me.
    4. keep personal information private. I need to ask mum and dad if I am not sure about giving information though emails or downloading recent games.
    5. I need to come to mum and dad, if I am not comfortable or feel threatened about someone or something. They don’t get angry and tell me to go away. Dad especially is my number one friend.

  12. -To teach your child to always get permission before using a
    computer or seat with them.
    -To make sure your child use a computer in an open area so that you know what they are going.
    -To download a plugin which Will prevent your child from visiting suspicious website.
    -To use child friendly engine.
    -To keep personal information private.
    -To remind your child not to give out information through emails and registration form.
    -If your child is unsure encourage them to ask you first
    -Encourage your child to come to you if they encounter anything online that makes them feel threatened.
    -Don’t get angry and don’t blame your child otherwise they won’t turn to you when they need help in the future.

  13. you need to ask a parent if you can use the computer or tablet-Aidan
    As a parent, I will make sure my browser is up to date and install kid safe software so no inappropriate things can be seen. -Mummy
    Use a child friendly search engine.-Aidan
    don’t give your personal information.-Aidan

  14. first you need to ask your dad or mum . AFTER YOU MAke sure you don’nt go on your dads work . next don’nt go on private stuff don’t type to strangers. watch stuff that is good for you .

  15. To be safe online you need to:
    Get permission from a grown-up.
    Use child friendly sites.
    Do not give personal information.
    Don’t leave your child alone online.
    Don’t be afraid to tell parents if you see something that’s not very nice.

  16. Allways ask your parents if you can go on the internet and if they say no don’t go on it and if they say yes you can go on it but make sure your parents are next to you.

  17. Before you go on the internet, you have to ask your parents if you are allowed. You have to ask for permission.
    You have to upgrade your system by using plugins so they do not go on inappropriate websites.
    Parents can install a friendly search engine so that only suitable results come up.
    Don’t give personall information away because it can be dangerous on the internet.
    Don’t get angry or mad at your child.

  18. You need to give them permission to use the computer.

    You need to make sure your child uses the computer in a open area

    Supervise what your child is doing on line and block any in appropriate website

    Never klick on any boton you are not sure about

    Don’t share private details online or personal information

  19. If you don’t have any space to see your kid make sure you see them in an open space.

    Ask permotion with an adult to go on the internet.

    If your child goes and watch and read Norte stuff on the internet don’t shout at them or not get angry or they won’t ask help in the future

    Homework is:hasnain

    Lyba just typed while Hasnain told me what to wright


  20. Always ask your parents before going on the computer.
    Never give your details out. If you are not sure always ask your parents.
    Parents can install a child friendly search engine.
    Parents should try to sit with their child if this isn’t possible they should put the computer in an open space so they can see.

  21. When going on the internet, you should tell your parents to sit next to you.

    Do not go websites that you do not know.

    Report any abuse to your parents or the school teacher.

    Never click on any button that your are not sure off.

    Always keep your username and password safe and never tell anyone.

    Never give your personal details to anyone online.

  22. To keep me safe on the internet I have to ask my mum to put in the password to download things. I don’t speak to anyone on the Internet because they are strangers just like in the street but people on the Internet might be in disguise so you don’t know if they are someone you know or not. I don’t write my name or where I live on the Internet, if I need to for a game I ask my mum first and she does it with me.

    To keep Lexi safe on the Internet we have restrictions set with our internet provider so she can only view age appropriate sites/videos and this can only be removed with a password that Lexi does not know.

  23. This is a good video.it tells me to be safe on computers,laptops and tablets . I always ask my mum and sister, if l can go on a certain website . Never give out any names or ages always get permission.

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