Year 2 – What do living organisms need to stay alive and healthy?

Hi Year 2!

This half term our Science topic is ‘What is in your habitat?’.


This week we are learning to understand what living organisms need to stay alive and healthy.

Ladybirds, can you research what both plants and animals need using the links below?
Write your findings in your book in FULL sentences. Perhaps you could use sub-headings!

12 thoughts on “Year 2 – What do living organisms need to stay alive and healthy?

  1. Plants need water because if they don’t have water if there hungry they will die so thats why plants always need water for there survival and to be healthy.

  2. In alive all animals need three things:waters,air and food but plants are very important to our environment because they prideful use to breathe oxygen but also with foods to ate

  3. Plants need warter, sunshine, warmth and nutrients from the soil.
    Animals need exersise, food and water because it makes them healthy.

  4. Plants need some water and sun and light on it so it grows.
    Animals need some food and water and exercise to be alive and feed the poor babies so they be alive to play with its first two games and friends and family and cousin and have fun.

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