Year 3 & 4 assembly School Rules

Hi Year 3 and 4!

Thank you for listening so nicely during our assembly today. 

We were talking about the School rules and the importance of them. Why are school rules important?We read poems about rules, just like this one below.

We may not always like them
They’re meant to make us share.
At times we try to break them
Though they’re meant to make things fair.
They stop the cheat, they beat the thief,
They keep us safe and free from grief.
You can’t do this, you can’t do that,
Is what they seem to say.
They’re made for you, they’re made for me,
It’s best we should obey!


Have a go at writing your own poem about rules!

22 thoughts on “Year 3 & 4 assembly School Rules

  1. School rules School rules
    respect them wherever you go
    stop everything raise your hands and listen carefully to obey the rule STOP LOOK AND LISTEN!

    Never be a fool never break the equipment
    Remember the rule, Respect and care for all things
    Pull up your socks and give your best
    this is how we are BROAD HEATH THE BEST …..

    Be kind be kind up to the moon
    control your mouth and not be rude
    talk and share nicely is one of the rule
    Follow the instruction you wont be a boot.

  2. School rules there good their there for your own good it’s safety they might be
    Boring but use them but use them .no chewing gum do your work perfectly be the


    They are here to obey
    there’s plenty of punishments
    so dont’s even dare to disobey!!!

    The rules are here to learn
    but they might not alaways be fun

    If you turn your head around then you will be glad to know that they are here to protect us all from doing wrong!


  4. school rules,school rules
    why don’t you follow them
    they keep you safe
    If there is no teacher
    in the classroom please
    wait out outside the classroom
    cause we wan’t to keep you safe
    school rules,school rules
    why don’t you follow them.

  5. Important rules

    Here we are rules
    for you and me,
    see how important
    they can be,
    always be honest,
    be kind and fair,
    always be good
    and willing to share,
    these are rules we all should know,
    we follow the rules
    whenever we go.

    Remember follow the school rules or else your going to be on the traffic lights!!!

  6. School rules are cool like the ones for swimming in the pool.
    They keep you safe, we can learn a lot , if you take to the right spot.

    Broad heath citizens listen up now if you want to be heard in the crowd:
    Responsible for your learning
    Unite to work together
    Listen to others
    Enjoy your work
    Share ideas


  7. TO Mrs street
    Each day i will do my best,
    And i will not do any less.

    My work will always please me,
    And i wont expect a mess.

    I will color very carefully,
    My writing will be neat.

    And i simpely will not be happy
    until my papers are complete.

    I will always do my homework,
    I will try on every test.

    And i will not forgert my promies,
    to do my very best.

  8. Mrs street I have a poem to tell you.

    You always have to respect people
    Be like mature as acting like a grown up
    Don’t fight like little kids
    always share with people
    Be a super good role model to new person
    Be apart of the broadheath teamwork
    Be a Good school council

  9. We may not use them
    They’re meant to make us care.
    Everyone tries not to break them
    So don’t forget to share.
    We never want to tell lies
    Because we have rules to save our lives.
    Everyone has rules
    It’s best if you live by.

  10. These school rules are ment to keep us safe,away from fighting and also from debate .We all think different but were all the same these school rules make us the same , we all follow the rules except naughty children but for them what happens is they get punished .So we understand what the school rules are for they keep us good with a good life to live for.

  11. To miss jones

    I promise to treat my classroom
    and it’s people with respect.

    I promise to solve problems
    and always try my best

    I promise to tell the truth
    and take responsibility

    I promise to never give up
    and be the best person i can be

    I promise to participate
    and have fun with everything we do

    I promise i will learn alot
    and help others learn alot to!

  12. To miss jones

    I promise to treat my classroom
    and it’s people with respect.

    I promise to solve problems
    and always try my best

    I promise to tell the truth
    and take responsibility

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