Year 3- Answering questions using evidences from a text

Read through the story of Jumanji and identify whether these statements are True or False.

Use the evidence from the text to explain how you know.

  1. Peter wanted to play the game.
  2. Jumanji is only finished when a player gets to the Golden City.
  3. Judy laughed when the lion appeared.
  4. There were twelve monkeys in the kitchen.
  5. Peter wasn’t afraid of the lion.

35 thoughts on “Year 3- Answering questions using evidences from a text

  1. 1. Petter was to play the game false becuse it but petter said it borin tors thy fisg.,
    2. Jamji is only fisshed at golden city it true becuse judy 4ead the I

  2. 1. False. I know this because it said he thought it was boring.
    2. True. Judy read this in the instructions they were in capital letters.
    3.False Gudey wansnt laughing because pester slid out of his chair

  3. 1.False Judy wanted to play the game.
    2.true It says in the book in page 3.
    3.false everyone is afraid of lions 🦁 .
    4.true it said on page 6.
    5.false He was afraid of the lion 🦁.

    • Siddra, make sure you are spelling words correctly as this is difficult to read. When we discussed this you were able to answer the questions brilliantly and point to the evidence in the book.

  4. Bethany Bolu
    1.No Peter did,t wanted to play the game it is false.
    2. Yes because Judy read the instructions carefully. because Peter can get eaten

  5. Peter didn’t want to play the game because he didn’t want to but she played
    Jamnji was only the title of the book .
    Judy was laughing a lot when the lion was there. The monkey had lots.

  6. 1. Peter dint want to play the game because there was a lion.
    2. Jumagi was finish when somebody reached the golden city.
    3. No she never laugh when the lion appear.
    4.There are 12 monkeys because it said there is a dozen monkeys
    Lily and Abdullah ansar

  7. 4.There was a dozen mokeys in the kitchen
    1 peter wanted to play the game first then he didn’t want to play the game
    2 yes it is because someone needs to win and who ever won they shout JUMANJI 5 he was afraid of the lion because he said I don’t want to play the game
    3 no because she said Peter look 👀 behind you

    Mikolaj and Umaiza

  8. Peter was afraid of the 🦁.
    Peter didn’t want to play the game.
    Judy didn’t laugh when the 🦁 came.
    There were 12 🐵s in the kitchen.
    Jumanji is does only finish if you end the game.

    Judy is the hero.

  9. Malaika ridwan
    1 A) first he did then he didn’t
    2 A) nope. you have to get to the golden city
    3 A) Judy didn’t laugh she actually said look behind you
    4 A) there was dozen monkeys
    5 A) false. Peter was terrified the sign was he ran upstairs.

  10. Yes he did wanted to play the game.
    It is right.
    No she did not lauth
    Yes there were twelve monkey
    No he was scared of the lion
    By sammi and ali

  11. ,, Now remember you have to ceep the house clean because we are bringing guests be good we are gowing now. They went to the park they found a box it’s a game.

  12. First in Jumanji Peter and Judy were feeling board and they been to the park and they played Jumanji and they played after peter looked behind there was a lion and Judy said don’t look

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