Year 3 Around the world week SOLE projects.

3 White were given the big question: How does the weather in Nigeria differ from the weather in The Netherlands? Why do you think this is?

The children chose to research the answer and present it using an Imovie and Green screen technology.

3 Blue were give the big question How does the weather in Iran differ from weather in The Netherlands? Why do you think this is?

Aamina, Marwa, Zaid and Hamaad chose to research and present their findings in a poster and created an I Movie explaining what they had learnt. 

3 Red’s big question was: how is the weather in Nigeria and the Netherlands different?

In 3 Red, Ayaan, Ravi, Saira and Ridwan chose to show their learning about the weather in Nigeria And The Netherlands by making a poster. They were then able to discuss their poster. Watch our video to see what they have found out.


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  1. Me,Aamina,Zaid and Hamaad worked really hard planning and creating our Sole Projects.Me and Aamina did the most writing and Hamaad and Zaid did the most drawing.And finally we showed our creation!