This half term Year 3 have displayed a fantastic attitude towards learning, the children have been curious and focused learners. It has been a pleasure to see them make progress this half term and we are all very proud.

In Maths Year 3 have been learning about multiplication and division, the children have enjoyed learning their times tables and are becoming more confident with their 3, 4 and 8 times table! The children can use jottings and concrete resources to make arrays and share into equal amounts.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Italy in History & Geography they are able to identify physical and human features in Italy and have compared them to ones found in the UK.

The children have enjoyed learning about Amazing Bodies this term in Science with a big question ‘Why and how are our bodies amazing? They started the unit by understanding what foods are healthy and what our bodies need. By the end of the topic the children asked their own scientific question about the body and then had to investigate the answer!

In English this term

What progress have you made this year in each subject?

10 responses to “Year 3 Autumn 2 Portfolios.”

  1. Myiesha S.

    i have learned alot like adding subtracting and we were learning how to divide and share in equal groups.

  2. Aiza B.

    In math I learned to divide and multiply also to take away 👍🎄🙂

  3. Meena B.

    Topic I have learnt what an physical and human feature is.
    A physical feature is when something is made by god.
    A human feature is when something is made by people.
    Maths in maths I have learnt my 3,4 and 8.
    I have learnt multiplication and division.
    English I have learnt how to make a pizza.
    I forgot what we have learnt in Geography.

  4. Aiza B.

    I learned so much

  5. Madeeha T.

    In maths i have learned how to divide

  6. Madeeha T.

    I learned so much

    1. Madeeha T.

      And in English we have learned instructions
      In art we have learned about pizza

  7. Khadijah M.

    In maths I have learnt how to divide.
    In English I have learnt how to write instructions.
    In art I have learnt how to make pizza
    I have learnt a lot 😄

  8. Muhammad Y.

    Thank you I learned so much

    1. Mrs Walker

      Tell me what you have learnt this half term in maths, English, Geography and Topic?

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