Year 3 – Bonfire Night at Broad Heath

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Year Three had an absolutely fantastic time on Thursday evening at our spectacular family fireworks event.

This did however leave some Year 3 children wanting to know more about why we celebrate Bonfire Night, and just who was Guy Fawkes? After discussing briefly the history of this infamous celebration, the children asked to learn more, and we said, of course!!

So Year 3, we would like you to research Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. When did this take place? Who was involved? Where did it happen? You can use the internet to find out more, and we will also let you find more out about this during our library session on Wednesday. Why not pick up an iPad in Morning Work? Then we would like you to post your findings, and we will share our learning as a class on Friday.

We can’t wait to find out what will have discovered!! Who can find out the most interesting fact?




13 thoughts on “Year 3 – Bonfire Night at Broad Heath

    • Hi Maja – I really like how hard you are trying to research Guy Fawkes. Can you try and read the information that you discover, and then write it in your own words? Only include facts and words that you understand! Aim high!

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  2. What age was Guy Fawkes when his dad died?
    When Guy Fawkes dad died Guy Fawkes was only eight, after his mother married
    A Recusant.
    From. Zaynab bib and Maja Zamosna

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