Year 3 D&T Learning- Thursday 24th June 2021

Hello everyone! In today’s Design and Technology learning we use last weeks learning (identifying features of a photo frame) to design and label a plan for a photo frame. Our brief is to create a London themed photo frame that could be sold in a souvenir shop. Please watch the lesson below and complete the activity.

Please upload a photograph of your work to the following link and comment below to inform us you have uploaded your work:


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    • Really pleased with all the work you are doing but perhaps this work should be done during the day as it seems to be being done late at night when you should be in bed? Well done on doing BUT please be in bed by 9 as you need sleep.

    • Duminu please could you check that you’ve sent it in to the share point. I’ve just had a look and it doesn’t appear to be there. 👍🏼

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