Year 3- Effects of smoking

What is smoking?

How does smoking effect your body?

Would you recommend somebody to start smoking?

Find 3 interesting facts about smoking.



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  1. Dear smokers
    I am writing to you to tell you to stop smoking because this is what it could do to your body.It could give you yellow teeth,a black heart and black lungs.JUST TO LET YOU KNOW SMOKERS QUIT SMOKING.

  2. 1.Smoking is a very bad habbit that adults can have.
    2.Smoking can effect your by having bad teeth yellow naills and black lungs.
    3.I think that people should’t smoke because they will damadge
    there body and they might does.
    4.You will look 20 times older than you will find yellow stuff stuck to your furniture and your walls and you will have bad breathe.Did you know that if you eat broccoli it could give away cancer.

  3. 1 Smoking is very horrible because you can have a heart attack.
    2Smoking effects your body because you have yellow nails,black t
    3 So because they would die.
    4. It is expensive,it is bad for your health, it makes your cloths smell.

  4. Smoking is a thing to do using cigarettes.
    Smoking affects your body by holding the stick.
    I wouldn’t recommend somebody to start smoking.
    you will have wrinkles.
    Smoking isn’t good for your body.
    If you smoke your teeth will be yellow.