Year 3 Eid assembly photos

Thank you to everybody who helped year 3 with the Eid assembly. We were extremely pleased to see so many parents attend to support the children and share in their successes. I am proud of every single child as they worked brilliantly as a team. Well done year 3!


What did you enjoy most about the Eid assembly? What have you learnt?


Can you retell the story using a range of sentence openers?

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  1. Once their was a lady named hajra and her son Ismail were lost in a desert.They were in hunger.Ismail struck his foot and water came out.A little later a tribe came and drank water. Then ibriham came.later on allah commanded him to kill ismail.Shayton convinced them not to sacrifies ismail. in mina they sacrifiesed a goat.

  2. I was sad that allah told ibrhim to sacrfise ismail.and thats good that ibrhim followed allah instructions.also it was happy at the end.

  3. Once opon a time there was a poor lady called Hajar with her baby called Ismail they were lost and alone in the scorching desert were the city of Makkah now stands. They drank the last of there water and eated the last of there food the situation was getting desperate.hajar put Ismail down and ran across the tow hills seven times she looked for passengers . Ismail was getting hotter and kicking his legs for fustration.then water gushed out Hajar scooped up some water and gulped it down.a few minutes later she saw a tribe of nomads were crossing the desert one of them pointed up in the air and said look birds they sat down with her whith a new well.

  4. One day there was a poor lady called Hajer and her son Ismail. They were lost and alone in a dry rocky valley and there was nobody to be seen. They ate the last of there food and drank the last of there water , the situation was getting desperate.Then she shouted for help “help please if there’s anyone there to help”.She put ismail and ran between to hills but still no sign of anybody. Ismail kicked his arms and legs , suddenly water gushed out where Ismail’s foot went. Hajer scooped up some water and gulped it down, it tasted delicious. She put some on her finger so Ismail could have some. Then two people came and one said “look birds”. They knew that birds only gathered when there was water.They asked the permission to camp near by and she agread. When Ibrahim found his wife he was overjoyed.Some days Ibrahim took Ismail to look after a herd of sheep. One night Ibrahim had a dream about sacrificing ismail. So Ibrahim went to Mina were it supposed to happen.Then a devil called shayytan appeared. They threw stones at him so he disapeard. Two times he appeared and again and again they threw stones at him.When they were there he raised his sword ready to strike. Then a voice said stop so he did.

  5. Once upon a time there lived a poor lady named hajar and her son Ismail.They were alone in a dry rocky scorching desert and there was no one to be seen.They had drank the last of there water and the last of there food and they were starving to death.Then she started to yell Help please if there’s anyone to help!!!! Then hajar put Ismail down and ran to 2 hills 7 times.Ismail was in frustration and he was kicking his heels deep into the sand.Suddenly water gushed out where Ismail’s foot struck. Hajar scooped the water and swallowed it down her throat it tasted delicious. Then a bunch of nomads were across the desert and one of them pointed up and said”look birds”As the walked through the scorching desert the sore a women and her child and both asked Hajars permission to look after her until her husband could find her.EID MABARAK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By InaayaKhan have a nice Eid everyone!!!

  6. I LOVED IT!!!!
    Once upon a time there was a poor lady called Hajar.Her husband was lost and she only has her baby called Ismail.They were lost and alone in the scorching desert.They have eatan their last food and drank the their last water.HELP IS THERE ANYONE THERE TO HELP!!!!!So Hajar layed Ismail down and ran by 2 near hills.Then Ismail kicked his feet into the sand and water gushed out.Hajar skooped up some water it tasted deliciouS.After a while tribbs were cross by.They so Hajar and Ismail.

  7. 1.I enjoied it very much but I’m embarrassed because I put my head Dow in the photo I did the same thing that Elyass did.Did you see me miss Jones?Have a look.

  8. 1. I enjoyed when it was the story tell.
    2. I have learnt the tell of the story.
    3. Once upon a time there was a poor girl called Hajar she lived in a dry rocky in a scorching desert but they were alone. They didn’t have no water or situation to be found and Hajar and Ismail were getting despret. Then Hajar put the baby down in the dry rocky desert and called ‘ ‘help people is there anyone so help”!!!!!!
    So Hajar ran up to 7 hills and suddenly water gushed out from the ground and came to Ismail’s feet.

  9. Once there was a poor girl with a baby and she had no water the situation was getting desperate and hajer’s husband Ibrhim was nower to be found please help is there eneone to help!!!! So Hajer ran aganesd two hills 7 times and reterend to her son Ismail was kicking his legs in frustration suduntlly water gushed out where his foot had struck Hajer scooped some water gulped it down it tased delis his some pasinggers where crossing one of them pointed up look birds!! As they walked through theysaw a women a child and a new well.

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