Year 3 Engineering Week – Newsflash!! Racing Day Results!!

What a super time we have had in Year 3 this week. The children have all taken part in the process of planning, designing, and engineering their very own racing car according to their brief! Year 3 were challenged to make a car move independently using an elastic band as a mechanism. The results were fantastic! Every team managed to create a moving car, and on the final day we challenged them to race their cars within their classrooms, and then as a year group. Watch the video below to see who won! 

Why do you think these cars were so successful as racers?

What could you do differently next time?

How important was teamwork to this challenge? Why?

28 thoughts on “Year 3 Engineering Week – Newsflash!! Racing Day Results!!

  1. 1 they proberly won because they all worked as a team.
    2. work as a team and think about the important things more than the design.
    3. so we can cominicate with our class mates and they can learn more facts and share ideas.

  2. What a week. Thank you teachers for creating the excitement that is comparable to a Gran Prix. I actually saw children cry because they didn’t win the race. I told them it is great they have so much passion and hopefully coming second will make them more determined to come first!

  3. Wow!
    I am so impressed that you made moving cars and I love the competative element that you added.
    You should all be very proud of yourselves, well done.

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