3W English Home learning – 7th May 2020

Good morning Year 3.

Today we need to do some imagining ….. Imagine you are in one of these places. Which will you choose?

I want you to write an informal postcard. You can choose who you want to send it to and you can say what ever you want to. Just pretend you are on holiday somewhere. I have done one for you too look at.

I look forward to reading all about your holidays in your informal postcards.

37 thoughts on “3W English Home learning – 7th May 2020

  1. Hi Friend,
    I am at a water park with my family. And I am having so much fun in the sun.But the reason I wrote the letter is that l want to know if you’re okay.
    By the way I wish you were here but you’re not.Also i’m about to go
    on a water slide! Have a safe and good day.
    From Fariha.

  2. Hi
    I am at the fun fair and its so much fun here I wish you guys were here with me to join in with the fun iv been on so many rides . The weather here is sunny and a beautiful I was really excited to go on the rides I have never been on before. Hope your all well take care and see you soon.

  3. Hi Friends,

    I was in Mogadishu yesterday and I was with my family . What a lot of people! I was playing in the soft sand with my brother in a sunny day. My mum and dad gave us life jacket so we go to the sea but when I went on to the sea the waves pushed me to the shore. It was just like surfing! Then we gone on a boat ride [it was a beautiful view]. I wish you were here and enjoying this with me.

    By Mohanned

  4. To Frances,

    Wish you were here! I am having an exciting time on holiday. I have spent lots of time exploring and trying lots of new foods. Can’t wait to see you!

    From Kevin xxx

  5. Hi
    How are you, i hope you are well. i am going to water park I am very enjoy
    .it’s a beautiful views.it was so fun. i am happy.

  6. Hi friends,
    I am on holiday and today we played on the water slides. It was really fun splashing into the water. At first I thought it was scary but I had a go and it was great fun. We also ate some delicious food which was different to what I normally eat. I miss you a lot and I can’t wait to see you, I wish you were here.

  7. Hi Mum,
    How are you ? Im good but missing you a lot.
    You wouldn’t believe it if I told you ,it is so hot here with beautiful views.
    The food here is so yummy but i do miss your food mum !
    It’s nice spending some time with dad and my brothers.
    Thank you so much for packing me so many swimming trunks.
    I go swimming everyday and the water slides are so high but so fun.
    I go down them so fast wizzing down the slide and splash in the water i go.
    I get back up and go again n again.
    When it gets dark I really do miss you not tucking me in my bed.
    I know I’ll be back home soon.
    See you soon.
    Miss you lot’s.
    Love you mum.
    Love Hasan..x

  8. Hi
    I am at the fun fair it is so fun i was going on so many rides . It was sunny and a beautiful day I was really excited to go on the rides I was scared but I was brave it was so fun

  9. Hi Manvi,
    I hope you’re well at home.
    Today I am at the water park playing, I wish that you could be here. The slide are CRAZY but fun as well. There are hotels that give you delicious food and have massage chairs. Guess what? While I was walking in the hotel, I was attracted by a gigantic painting. Then I looked at it and I saw a little door knob and pulled it. It… it was a door! It was AMAZING! If you were here, Manvi, we could explore inside the door together . And we can play on the big water slide as well, I think it would be very fun.

    Love from Simin XXX

  10. Dear Simin
    I am at a water park its so sunny here I was sliding down slides and even splashing my little sister.At the water park there are so many slides I can’t decide which one to go on first. There was a big curly one it was super big.
    I was kinda scared but I made it to the end.
    Bye Simin.

  11. To Mike
    My friend

    I am having a lovely time here. There are lots of water slides and pools. My hotel is very tall building and big. There are cafes and restaurants that have the amazing food I ever had. The city has lots of things to do like miniature houses, which is not the real city but a museum; shopping markets and food stalls. It said we were not allowed to touch but looked amazing. I went in the pool and swam there and even went on a water slide. The pool was too deep I nearly drowned; eventually I reached the land and dried my self up. There is an activity area where I did some t-shirt painting, clay models and glitter activity. You would have loved to be here.
    Miss you


  12. Hi .
    Grandma i hope you and grandpa are doing great .Grandma you won’t believe how much fun i am having at the beach .The weather here is amazing .I did the surfing with dad and it was such a great experience it was my first time ever .I made a big sand castle with the help of my brother .Grandma our hotel is just opposite the beach and its so beautiful to watch big waves from our hotel room.We have a bunk bed in the room and i sleep on the top of it.The food at the hotel is so delicious and you know Grandma my favourite ice cream is also available here and i had two of them yesterday.I wish you and grandpa were here .I really miss you a lot .Hope to see you soon .
    loads of love

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