Year 3 English homework.

This term we are learning about Adventure stories and this week we have been learning about Gorilla by Anthony Browne. Watch the video below about Flat Stanley and answer the questions which follow.


Green Group: What are the key feature of the Flat Stanley story?

Yellow and Blue Group: Who are the main characters in the story, can you describe one of them to me?

Red and Orange Group: Write me a short comparison between Gorilla and Flat Stanley. What key features of an adventure story are similar in both?

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  1. He was called Flat Stanly but the pin board fell on him
    then……HE WAS FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum said “Lets have breakfast”.”You have to go and meet Dr Dan “Hummm he need to
    be normal”said Dr Dan.He was bieng fat and fat but he got
    to normal they had hot choclet then the party was over Mum said “Time to go to bed”.The End

  2. The characters are Stanley mum dad max mr dott
    Stanley who is a brave little angel was flat as a pancake he had bulging eyes eyes big as a giant . Stanley had vibrant stripy blue pyjamas
    Who was bad had a long nose and a fancy suit and some black glasses had been roping the bank with his friend he was a bad guy. I think his favourite coil or is black
    She was a bossy lady who was wearing a beautiful flower dress loved Stanley and Arthur
    He was bossy as his wife mum who was wearing the same virant pyjamas as Stanley was really happy when Stanley was normal.

  3. Similarities
    In flat Stanley there’s a problem and in gorilla theirs a problem two.
    Both of the stories include characters.
    Gorrila and flat Stanley are bothe adventure stories.
    The is main character in gorilla is a female and in flat Stanley the main character is a boy .In gorilla theirs animals compared to flat ztanley

  4. 1. Boy named Stanley became flat by his pin board. He was happy about this because he could slither under the door creeck. He went with his to the director museum because some of the painting was stolen. Flat Stanley pretend to be a paint in a empty frame and when he saw a sneaky thieves he start shouting and the police quickly handcuffed the thieves. After when Flat Stanley came back home Arthur his brother saw him crying, so he pumped Stanley and his body was back to normal.
    Gorilla story was about lonley girl Hannah who lived with her dad. She loved gorilla,s but her dad has no time to take her to the zoo. Before her birthday she went to bed and later she saw a present but it was a toy gorilla. She went sleep very upset. The real gorilla woke her up and at first she was frightened of him. Later they went to the zoo and have a fantastic adventure. So they seen more primates and orangutans ans chimpanzees. They also went to the cinema. In the next morning Hannah run down to her father and he give her tickets to the zoo.
    2. Stanley and Hannah were the main characters. They both have a some kind of problem. They both have an amazing adventure.Hannah and Stanley had a happy ending.

  5. Simmilarities:

    They both had a big problem in the middle and then the problem
    was solved and they had a happy ending.
    In gorilla it was hannah’s birthday but stan lee they didn’t celebrate a birthday.

  6. Q1) The difference between the gorilla and the flat Stanley:
    The gorilla story had animals and flat Stanley didn’t.In the flat Stanley story Stanley had a brother and Hannah in the gorilla story was alone.The gorilla story and the flat Stanley story is different because in the gorilla story the setting of the story was at their house,in the cinema and the zoo but in the flat Stanley story was in the museum,at Stanleyl’s house and at the doctor.
    Q2) Both stories had a introduce characters,introduce problem,resolution and solve a problem by having a adventure.

  7. Similarities🌋
    In gorilla and flat stanlee they both have a happy ending.they both have a little problem.
    On Stan Lee he helps the police 🚓.in gorilla Hannah is normal but in Stan Lee he is flat.

  8. reds: similarities
    they both have happy endings.they both have a simple problem.them/there things turn into something.there both an adventure story.
    reds: differences
    in gorrila it was her birthday,but in flat stanlee it was nobodys flat stanlee stanlee turned flat, but on the other hand hannah did not turn gorrila hannah helped nobody however in flat stanlee he helped the police.

  9. Similarities:
    Both stories are fiction and are made up stories.
    In both stories the characters are nice people and are not mean.
    In each story there is a box that has toys in it.
    The stories all have a resolution.
    Both stories start by introducing the characters.

    In Flat Stanley they do not go on adventure but in Gorilla they
    solve the problem by going on a adventure.
    The problem in Flat Stanley is that Stanley accidentally puts a box on top of him and the problem in Gorilla is that Hanna is lonely.
    The setting in Gorilla is the house,outside,zoo and cinema.

  10. similarities
    They both have children and parents.
    Both have problems.
    Both had happy endings.
    both started bad.

    Gorilla has animals in the story.
    flat Stanley has no animals.
    Gorilla and hanna went cinema.

  11. Similarities:

    In Flat Stanley and Gorilla there are the 4 main points.
    There is a big adventure in both stories.
    In both stories they have kids.
    In addition Flat Stanley and Gorilla there are happy endings.
    Similarly the 2 books have little children.
    They both have problems that have a resolution.


    In the book called Gorilla there are 3 main characters whereas in Flat Stanley there are 4 main characters.
    Both of the stories have different story settings.
    Flat Stanley didn’t have any magical objects or people however the story Gorilla haves a magical object.
    Gorilla has animals in it but Flat Stanley does not have any animal.
    Stanley turned flat but on the other hand nobody turns flat or goes fat.
    The Gorilla & Hannah went to eat,went to the cinema and saw animals but in Flat Stanley nobody does the same things.

    Devanshi Shrivastava

  12. Similarities
    They both have kids
    They both have adventures
    They both had happy endings
    They both introduce the characters
    They both have problems
    They both have resaloutions

    Hannah went to the cinema flat Stanley got flattened
    They both had diffrent problems and diffrent resolutions
    Theyoth had diffrent startings

  13. The characters are Mr and Mrs Lambchop, Arthur and Stanley. Stanley became as flat as a pancake by something falling on him. His hair is orange.

  14. In flat Stanley they celebrate at the end and in Gorilla they just go to the zoo.
    In flat Stanley they are no animals and in Gorilla they are animals.
    In flat Stanley the main character is a boy and in Gorilla the main character is a girl.
    They both have sad main characters who are then happy.
    They are both given something.

  15. Similarities :

    .follow same plot
    .both have something useful or someone Hannah has the toy gorilla that cheers her up when it grows they have flat Stanley to help the bank get their paintings back
    .someone in the story wants something
    .both main characters are children
    . in one story something is stolen in other they pay for food
    .one starts of shocking because Stanley was under a pin board and on the other hand the other story starts sad because Hannah is lonely and doesn’t get answers from her dad

  16. Similarities
    A similarity is that they both have an adventure.
    There is a resolution at the end of the story.
    Both have a problem at the start of a story.
    Both stories have things to do with kids.
    Differences/Key features
    In Gorilla there is 3 main characters however in flat Stanley there is 4.
    In Gorilla the story is a dream but in the other story it is real.
    In flat Stanley there are not any animals.

    they both have an a adventure.
    they both have kids
    both stories have happy ending
    they both have have problems at the start that gets solved

    gorilla starts with a sad beginning
    the story of gorilla is a dream but stanley is real

  18. The main character in the story is a boy called Stanley who got flat because a pin board fell on him.
    In the meantime some paintings had been stolen from the museum. Because Stanley was flat he had an idea he can climb on the empty picture frame and pretend to be a painting.
    He helped the police to catch thieves in the museum who wanted to steal the most expensive painting in the world. He was famous and got a price.
    Stanley didn’t want to be flat anymore. His brother had an idea and he blew him up with bicycle pump. At the end of the story everyone was happy again.

  19. Similarities
    They both have children as the main character.
    They have a problem.
    They both had a resolution.
    They both have a happy ending.
    In Gorilla the problem is that Hannah is lonely.
    In Gorilla they solved the problem by going to the zoo.
    In Flat Stanley they have 2 problems.
    1 problem is that the thieves kept coming into the museum and the other problem is that he gets flattened by a pin board.
    Key features
    Introduce characters.
    Introduce a problem.
    Solve the problem by having an adventure.

  20. Similarities:
    In both stories, there are children as the main characters. They are adventure stories. Something special happens in both stories; in Gorilla her gorilla toy turns into a real gorilla and in Flat Stanley the pin board turns him into Flat Stanley. Both stories have a happy ending. They both have two main characters.

    In Gorilla the adventure was just a dream , but in Flat Stanley it was a real adventure. Each story has a different beginning; in Flat Stanley the author starts with a happy beginning while in Gorilla it starts with a sad beginning. In Gorilla the story was about animals , but Flat Stanley was about humans. Both stories have different authors.

  21. These are the main characters.
    Stan See
    Mrs lamb chop
    Mr lamb chop
    Mr Dan

    The person I am going to describe Stan Lee.Stan Lee is a nice boy he is flat he was flattened by a pin board and he was flexible and he wears a red top , he has brown hair ,blue trousers and he is smart .he is my favourite character.

  22. 1.In the gorilla at the end dad took Hannah to the zoo.In flat Stanley he got a medal so both story’s had something good at the end.

    2.introduce characters ,problem and resolution.

  23. Similarities
    A similarity is that they both have an adventure.
    There is a resolution at the end of the story.
    Both have a problem at the start of a story.
    Both stories have kids.

    In Gorilla there is 3 main characters however in flat stanly there is 4.
    In Gorilla the story is a dream but in the other story it is real.
    In flat stanly there are not any animals.

  24. Similarities
    The similarities between both story is that they have kids and also they had a great time finally they both have happy endings which is a good thing.
    In the book hannah they were playing a great game and then a rihno they haven’t had any food and water then the door was open

  25. Stanley is as flat as a pancake and he has blonde hair. He is helpful and kind.
    These are the main characters:
    Dr dan
    Mr and Mrs lamb chop


    .They both have fun adventures
    .They both have little children
    .They both have problems that get solved
    .They both have four different settings

    .Flat Stanley has more characters than Gorilla
    .The story Gorilla has a sad beginning
    .In Gorilla the main character is a girl but in the other story it is a boy
    . Gorilla has an animal as one of the main characters
    .In Gorilla Hannah is having an adventure in her dream but in Flat Stanley it is real
    .Flat Stanley has more suspense than Gorilla

  27. The main characters in flat stanly,mum,dad
    Flat Stanley:
    Flat stanly was flattered on his very nice board.Did you know that stanly helped the police by catching the thief,s.He is very nice and cute,has blond creamery hair.

  28. Main characters:
    Mrs Lamb chop
    Mr Lamb chop
    Flat stanley

    Flat Stanley:
    Flat Stanley was flatend by his nice pinboard. He helped the
    police by catching the theif’s. He has beautiful and blond hair. Stanley is very funny. In the meantime he prtended to be little bow peep to catch the theif’s and he did!He

  29. The characters were mom ,dad,othar and stanle.
    Stanle got flat because last night so he went to the doctor to check him out the doctor said are you okay stanle said I had a little ticole befor bu I,m fine now.

    in both storys they have an a adventure.they both feature being happy in the end.
    they both have 2 main characters hanna,gorrila,stanley,aurthor.they both have have problems at the start instead of it being it in the middle of the story of adventure.they have good character that helped people in both story’s.they both have a sleepy 2s ending.
    in gorilla they feature animal and human when flat staneley only feature human.
    in flat stanley they have a more of a city setting when gorilla has a more natrul setting then flat flat stanley they dont have very adventures adventure but in gorrila they have more like of an adventures adventure in the both storys of aventure.

  31. Words used in a comparison

    quick words to start you of.
    words that signal a comparison
    like wise
    just as
    just like
    same both

    In flat Stanley there is 4/four just as in Gorilla there
    are 2/two main characters. the four characters are flat Stanley, mum , dad and his friend or Gorilla the 2 main characters are dad and Hannah.

    fun fact

    In gorilla it is actually a dream whereas the story
    Flat Stanley is a adventure.

  32. Similarities:
    In both stories they have kids.
    They both had a great adventure.
    They both had happy endings of the stories.

    Gorilla & Hannah went to the cinema.
    Stanley turned flat.
    Flat Stanley’s story had a normal starting.
    The Gorilla story had a sad starting which turned into a happy ending.

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