Year 3- Evaluating our fundraiser!

This week we have worked as a year group to raise money for Zoe’s place.  Yesterday we had our cake sale. Well done everyone and thank you to all who donated cakes and money. To make sure we reflect on our fundraiser think about and answer these questions.

*How was the fundraiser?
*What was the outcome of it?
*How did people respond to the fundraiser?
*What have we done well?
*How could it have been improved?
*Is there anything you would have done differently?
*Did anything surprise you? why?

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31 thoughts on “Year 3- Evaluating our fundraiser!

  1. 1 The fundraiser was very exciting.
    2 The outcome was brilliant.
    3 The people who responded kindly.
    4 Make lots of money and cupcakes and cakes.
    5 By making lots of money.
    6 I would sell the bracelets and loom bands for 30p instead of 20p so we can make lots of money.
    7 I got surprised that we still had lots of cakes left.
    from priya and rudaba

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  3. year 3 was selling cake the years was 1 2 3 4 5 6 there was some of the cakes left one girl got a cake with out paying.the cakes were amzing. fundraising mean exiting. we was selling cake for the charty and to zoes place.

  4. year 3 was selling cake the years was 1 2 3 4 5 6 there was some of the cakes left one girl got a cake with out paying.the cakes were amzing. fundraising mean exiting.

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  6. 1.did you know that there are 50 people on money notes.
    2.some times in olden days they used to swop. comes from the bank.
    4.T he best way to make money is to save up.

  7. 1.The fundraiser was fun.
    2. The outcome was raising money for charity.
    3. The people thought it was excellent.
    4. The thing we done well is we have made lots of money for the charity.
    5.we could improved by lots more cakes.
    6. We could do something differently by donating more cakes.

  8. 1 Good because I loved making the cakes also I loved pouring sprinkles on cakes! 2 What happened was everyone wanted cakes I thought we were going to run out! A happy respond because everyone ate the cakes so I know they liked it. By making cakes and everyone liked it! We could have made more cakes, so we could have more money. Instead of the teachers and teachers assistants giving the cakes some of the children helped. I was surprised because everyone had the cakes I know we were good but I didn’t thing we were that good!

  9. 1.I think it was good and fun.
    2.The outcome is money.
    3.The people respponded by helping the other people.
    4.We have done well by helping the poor people .
    5.I think we have to improve our cake sale by exppending it.
    6.I would have done different by doing different things.
    7.I was supprised when we made the cakes because it was so much fun.

  10. 1.The fundraiser was fun.2.The outcome was £135 for Zoe’s place.3.The people respond by giving money for ill children.4.We have done well by getting more money than year 1.5.It could improve by baking more cake and getting more money.

  11. 1The people said it was amizing and i think it was a lovely time. 2 At the end there were still lots of cakes.3 The people said the cakes were nice. 4 We have done well by selling lots of cakes. 5 We could improve by trying to make the cakes better. 6 I would tell them we will come to your classroom.7 I was surprised by the hole school came to our classroom. Because if they came we would be distracted.

  12. 1.Fundraiser means raising money.
    2.The outcome was getting money our charity called Zoe’s Place.
    3.The people respond to the Fundraiser by giving money to polly babies in Zoe’s Place.
    4.We have done well on the cake sale for some money.
    5.We could improved by baking some more cakes.
    6.I would do something differently by more Christmasy.
    7.Yes,when Jane came from Zoe’s Place with a DVD.

  13. 1.I think the fundraising was enjoying.
    2.I think the outcome was fantastic.
    3. I believe the people where feeling exited.
    4. We sold a lot of cakes.
    5. I suppose all of the cakes could be 20p.
    6. I think we could go to the peoples class rooms.

  14. 1.the fundraiser was fun.
    2.The outcome was excellent
    3.I think that the people that bought cakes were happy
    4.We really done well.
    5.It could of been improved by making 20p on 1 table and the 30p on the other table.
    6.I would of sold the bracelet and loom bands for 10p instead of 20p.
    7.I was surprised because lots of people came too get a cake because we will have a lot of money.

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