Year 3- Evaluating pizzas

This week in Design and technology, Year 3 made pizza which they had designed in a previous lesson. The children very much enjoyed using our new Broad Heath Diner to make their pizzas and due to the lovely weather we even got to sit outside in the sun to enjoy our food!

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Now Year3, you need to think about your plan and what you produced.

What was your pizza design? Which toppings did you choose? Did you follow your plan?

What was your design criteria? Did you meet your design criteria? How?

What did you like about your pizza?

Is their anything you would like to change about what you did?

How could your healthy pizza have been improved?


34 thoughts on “Year 3- Evaluating pizzas

  1. 3.I didn`t follow my plan.
    4.My design criteria was healthy, attractive and edible.
    5.Yes I did follow it because my pizza was edible, attractive and healthy.
    6.I liked my pizza because it was delicious, looked really good and it had a really good shape.
    7.I don`t think I wanted to change anything.
    8.I could of had 2 toppings instead of 1.
    It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I made a pizza the shape was a oval and I had cheese,baked beans and sweet corn.I didn’t follow my plan because there weren’t no sweet criteria was edible,attractive and healthy.

    By kayden R and sufyaan

  3. I designed my pizza whith barbecue suce,Cheese and pine Apple.To design the and have a editable healthy and to follow your plan.

    I folowed my plan.

    Yes it was edible attractive and helthy.

    The pine Apple.

    Made by sajahan and Lyba

  4. 1.i planed to put 3 toppings on my pizza

    2.i chosen chease on my and pine Apple,bbq on my pizza

    3.i did not put what I whated I planed pizza I. Whated sweet corn buy there’s wAs non there

    4. I liked my pizza because it had pine Apple on my pizza

    5. I whated to put more spicy things on my pizza

    6. It was healthy,Adble,attractive

  5. my pizza design is pineapple and sweetcorn and my base is reggae reggae sauce, witch i was supprised i put the right amount on my pizza. I used reggae reggae sauce for the base and my topping are pinaple and red peppers and cheese. I did change my plan because there was not sweetcorn instead. It is healthy, edible and attractive and i did meet my design criteria.

  6. My design was to leave it in a oval shape.
    My toppings wrere pineapple and red peppa.
    Know I didnt follow my plan.
    My success criteria was Healthy edeble and attractive.
    Yes I did meet my success criteria because It was healthy attractive and edeble.
    With shakira

  7. My design had cheese , my toppings were mushroom and beans. My sauce was BBQ sauce which was so delicious and i liked that lovely yummy sauce.
    My design criteria is the thing that I did at the top. I did meet my design criteria because if I did it wrong it will not be edible.

  8. 1:My pizza design was tomato, cheese and sweet corn but there was no more sweet corn left so i had to change it to mushroom.
    2:My toppings were tomato cheese and mushroom.
    3:No i did not follow my pizza because there was no more sweet corn left.
    4:My design criteria was for it and edible,healthy and attractive.
    5:Yes because it has to be healthy or it won’t taste nice and you will turn very big.
    6:My parents liked the taste because they loved the reggae reggae sauce.
    7:No because my parents liked it.

  9. Yes my pizza was designed and my topping was cheese, pineapple but there was no sweetcorn we did not follow our plan. Our design criteria was edible, healthy and attractive yes I did meet my criteria.

    Hana and nadia

  10. my pizza design was pepper and pineapple i followed my plan because
    i didn’t like.
    2.our class design were edible attractive and healthy i have met
    my criteria is achieved.
    3.i like that it was very spicy.
    4.i wouldn’t add anything.

  11. Reggae raggae sauce
    My topping was cheese and mushrooms.
    No I didn’t follow my plan because there was no sweet corn

  12. my toppings where red peper and regge regge sause yes i did follow my desigh desigh criteria was regge regge sause pine apple edible atrractive and healthy.i liked my pizza it was taste.
    i wish we could to two toppings.more healthy stuff and a little bit of cheese.

  13. Hamda: my toppings was Reggae reggae sauce,cheese and tomato and i followed my plan.
    Salma: my toppings was reggae sauce,tomato and pineaple I followed my plan
    Hamda: my design criteria was edible attractive and healthy yes I meat my criteria by making sure i creat it properly
    Salma: my criteria was edible attractive and healthy I meet my criteria
    Hamda: the toppings
    Salma: the toppings were my favourite
    Salma: I shouldn’t use so much of the sauce because it was so spicy

    Hamda : nope
    Salma: the sauce

  14. 1.My pizza design was sweet corn,cheese and baked beans.
    2.I didn’t follow my plan because there was no sweet corn. :( | Reece’s pizza.cheese,rega rega sauce and pineapple.
    3.The thing I liked about my pizza was it was sooooooooo tasty.
    4.there is nothing I would like to change.
    5.It couldn’t have been improved.

    From Elyass And Reecy Roo :) ;)

  15. 1:my pizza was shaped has a oval,sweetcorn and reggae reggae but there was no sweet corn left so interested I had to use pineapple.
    2:Yes because I could eat it.
    3:The red pepper but I wanted more.
    4:Yes,I want to change my pineapple to sweetcorn.
    5:By putting on sweetcorn and more red pepper.

  16. 1.i planed to put 3 toppings on my pizza

    2.i chosen chease on my and pine Apple,bbq on my pizza

    3.i did not put what I whated I planed pizza I. Whated sweet corn buy there’s wAs non there

  17. 1. My pizza was a circle shape . 2. My topping was bbq sauce mushroom and cheese .3. I did follow my plan because I used bbq sauce mushroom and cheese I had that on my toppins and I followed what I planed.

  18. My piza design was barbeque sauce and cheese and sweet corn.I folowed my plan.My criteria was a healthy and to look nice,but I did not meet my criteria.I liked the barbeque sauce.I would like to have some more barbeque sause.It can be improved my healthy pizza by to put more healthy things.

  19. 1)My design was a triangle .My toppings were peppers and cheese.I did follow my plan.
    2)The design criteria was to make a pizza with a heathy topping. I did achieve my design criteria because i used peppers.
    3) I liked the pizza because the presentation was neat.
    4)no because i think it was fine.
    5) I think it could be improved to have more heathy topping.

  20. I chose babaque sauce and cheese and beans.
    My criteria was it was going to be a heathy pizza and very good design.
    It had a nice design it was yummy.
    I could have changed the shape I could have put more toppings on.
    Mabey I could have pu some fruits on and put some mushrooms so it can be heathy.

  21. 1.My pizza design was an oval.
    2.My toppings were red pepper,tomato purée and onions.
    3.I did follow my plan.
    4.My design criteria was to put pineapple but there wasn’t any pineapple left.
    5.I didn’t meet my design criteria because the pizza shape was supposed to be a circle.

  22. 1. My pizza design was shaped circle and I had soft bread.2. The toppins that I used was regge regge sauce cheese mushroom.3. I did follow my instructions because I followed my toppins and shape.4. My design criteria was making a healthy toppin pizza with my circle shape.5. I met my design criteria because I followed my toppins and instruction.6. I liked my pizza because it was healthy and nice.

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