Year 3 Foleshill Library Visit

Next week, the children in Year 3 are going to visit Foleshill Library to learn all about alphabetical order. This links to their learning in Literacy, and also in PSHE as they are currently learning about the community.

We are allowing the children to bring their library cards along with them on their visit, where they may borrow ONE book to take home with them. This is to give the children the experience of locating particular books using alphabetical order. It is however the responsibility of the children to return their books before the deadline in their own time.

Any questions about this, please speak to Miss King or Miss Jones regarding the visit.

Year 3 children, we would like you to answer the following questions:

– What are you looking forward to the most about your visit?

– What do you hope to learn from your visit?

9 thoughts on “Year 3 Foleshill Library Visit

  1. I like the library because it had fiction books and non fiction and there were nice books i mean beautiful and i was looking forward reading the book and talking at home. I hope to learn all about alphabetical order. Everybody was good i cold of brought my libary card to get a book Shjhan mum was so kind to come and help us

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