Year 3-Get ready for Roman day!

On Monday 30th March 2015 we are going to have a Roman day! We will be learning what it would have been like to be a Roman by dressing up, tasting food and doing some activities that Romans would have done 2000 years ago! How exciting!

Your challenge is to make a Roman toga with the help of an adult at home. If your parents agree that you can do this,  wear it into school on Roman day!

Things you need ·                    T-shirt

  • Shorts
  • White cloth
  • safety pin

Extra if you wanted to accessorise! ·                

Belt ·                    Gold chain ·                    Amulet ·                    Jewellery ·                    Fake sword ·                    Sandals

1. Firstly wear you shorts and T-shirt.

2. Then wrap white cloth around your waist. Make sure there is enough to go around your waist twice.

3. Next pin the cloth once it has been wrapped around your waist. Pinning it will ensure the toga stays in place

4. Make sure the toga hangs to about the knees. Don’t make it too short– and create a mini toga. Making the toga too long can lead to your child tripping over the cloth.

5. Throw the remaining cloth towards the back over one shoulder. Pin it again at the waist. This ensures the toga stays in place.

Now you have made your ROMAN TOGA!

If you want to accessorise:

Boys can have a fake sword.

You could use gold chains, amulets and jewellery.

Adding accessories can bring your toga to life

For a girl’s toga, add a leather belt or chain around your waist. A belt is also a fun accessory that gives the toga more personality.

Wear sandals on your feet.v0_master toga

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  1. That week will be the start of History week. What a great week it will be. Perhaps you can study one of the great Roman Emperors in detail ?

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