Year 3 – Helping Plants Grow Well

In Science this half term, Year 3 have been learning lots about plants, and what they need to survive. Today’s lesson is all about insect pollination, and how this helps plants to survive and reproduce.

Learning Objective: To describe and model the process of insect pollination.

yourchallenge is to write a role play playscript for children to use to model pollination.

Think about – what is the job of the petals? Why does the bee visit the flower? How does the bee transfer the pollen?

When you have finished, act out your playscript in table groups. Is it successful? Does it work?



We made voiceovers to explain the role of insects in the pollination process.


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  1. A petals Jobs is to track bees when they come near. The sunflower the bees visits
    The flower because they make honey out of necater and pollen.

  2. Bee: “Hello flower, can I ask you a question?”asked bee.

    flower: “Of course you can.”replied flower.

    bee: “What are your leafs used for?”said bee.

    flower: “They are used to help me make food and my drink so I can survive.answered flower.””Anyway, why do bees visit flowers?”questioned flower.

    bee: “It is so I can get nectar and pollen to make my honey.”replied bee.

    bee: “I am going to tell you that I put the nectar and pollen around my body and keep on going.”said bee.

    flower: “Anyway, see you later!”shouted flower.

    bee: ” By by!” bee replied.

  3. Bee: hello im’ going to to collect some necta from the flower.Flower:oh I’m so happy that bee is going to gets some necter.Bee:yummy necta ah I got pollen on myself. From Ibrahim Sarah and Ashdeep.

  4. 1.The Bee collects the nectar then the pollen sticks to the Bee then it goes to the next flower and dropped the pollen. collects nectar because it is bright .

  5. Petals:the petals attract bees or insects to get nectar.
    bees:the bees collect nectar but take pollen when they travel to the next flower .

  6. Bee:I am going to the plant to collect nectar.
    Plant:come and collect nectar.
    Bee: I will colylect some pollen.
    Plant:I will transfer the pollon to the flower.

  7. The job of the petals is to attract insects.
    The bee visits the flower to collect the nectar.
    When the bee transfers the flower it visits one flower to another.
    It is succesful to the bees.
    Yes it does work.
    From Tameem,Abdul and Lyba.

  8. The bee:Let’s get the nectar from the flower to eat.
    The Flower:Come and get the nectar bees to eat from my flower.
    The bee:I am going to get my nectar to eat from your flower.
    The flower:Get as much as nectar you want you can take all of it.
    The flower:Bye bee.
    The bee:Bye bee.

  9. A bee travels into a flower and collect the nectar and then they drink it.A while later if they see the same plan they drop the nectar into the plant.The bee transfer the pollen by the bee collecting the pollen.

    Bee:bzzzzzzzz I am going to get some nectar to drink and put some in another flower that is just the same.
    Butterfly:I am going to collect way more fun Han you
    Bee:Oh no your not
    Butterflies:oh yes I am
    Bee :fine then

  10. -The bee:let’s collect the pollen.
    Pollen:wee I am going on a trip to the other flower.
    Stigma:hello pollen.
    Pollen: hello stigma.
    Flower:bye bee.
    Bee: thanks for the pollen.

  11. Bee:O i want some nectar.sunflower:take some nectar from me.bee:ok I will take what you have got.sunflower:here’s what I have 100g of polan and 200g of nectar.bee:oh I will take all.narator:so he went to get some polan and nectar.bee:I need to go to another plant that is the same.sunflower:come here I am the same as the other sunflower.bee:now I am fulll

  12. “Let’s get some pollen”said the bee
    “Come on”said his friend
    “Let’s go to a flower”said the bee
    “Let’s go inside”said his friend
    “I caught some”said his friend
    “Let’s go to another flower”said the bee
    “I caught some more”said the friend
    “Let’s go back to the hive now”said the bee

  13. Pollination:

    The bee collects pollen.
    The pollen gets stuck on their back.
    The takes the pollen to another plant.
    The pollen gets stuck on the stigma(female part of flower)

  14. A bee travels into a flower and then it collects the nectar then drinks it.
    The bee becomes covered in polen and then it puts the the polen into another plant. The plant goes to the stigma after the style and it goes to oveal.

    The bee: Travel into the flower and then collect the nectar.bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Polen:stick onto the leg of the bee.
    The bee: bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go to the other plant.

  15. First the bee collects the pollen from the flower it dosent mean to but it takes the male part of the plant to the next plant and helps make fruit.

  16. 1. The job of petals are that the insect and mammals can attract to the petel it is called pollination.2. The bee visits the flower because to get honey and when he sees a petal that is nice and bright the bee travels to that flower.3. The bee uses a second pair of legs to transfer to the pollen from there body to it’s back legs.

  17. Flowers are important because they keep bees alive and bees are important aswell because if your a Muslim bees can remind you of God because God made are beautiful bugs and animals

  18. 1.Bright couloured petals attracted bees
    2.To collect pollen/nectar
    3.The pollen transfers from flower to flower by a bee coming and the pollen gets stuck on the bee then it travels to the flower and pollen falls off.

    By Nithusha Sufyaan

  19. Pollination:

    When the bees take necter to the flower,pollen gets stuck on their furry backs.They take the pollen to another flower,it gets stuck on stigma(female part of flower.)
    The pollen is transferred into the plant and makes new plants or fruits.

  20. The bee goes to a flower and then it digs for the pollen.Then it also gets necter on its leg.Then it travels to the next flower.And drops inside the middle and then it turns into a seed.Next it turns into fruit.

  21. 1.The job of the petal are to do hide the pollen.

    2.Bees visit flowers because they need to get the pollen to a another flower.

    3.Bees transfer the pollen to the to another flower.

  22. Bees go to flowers beacuse the flower is colerful.the petal jobs is to protect the nectar.bees visit the flower for there food.they transfer the pollen to fruit

  23. When bees take necter from the male flowers they get stuck on then they go to the female flowers and the pollen gets stuck on the female flowers.

  24. A petals job is to track bees when they come near the sunflower.the bee visits the flower because they make honey out of nectar and pollan

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