Year 3 Homework – Literacy

Year Three are visiting Foleshill Library on Friday 8th May to learn lots about alphabetical order and how books are categorised as part of their Literacy lessons.


For your homework this week Year 3, I would like you to write a letter on the Broad Heath Blog to the library to thank them for allowing us to visit. Remember to include all the features of a letter – we have learnt lots about this over the last few weeks!

The best letter will be sent directly to the library, so make them great!

41 thoughts on “Year 3 Homework – Literacy

  1. Foleshill library

    Dear librarian
    I am writing to you to thanks to all the staff at the library for letting us have the opportunity to let us read. We looked how the books are organised they had fiction books and non fiction books and we liked the library because it is Interesting.
    Your sincerely salma hussain

  2. The libary was EXTREMLY DASHING and the books were realy interesting some of the books were realy Euducational and the peple who are incharge of the libary they are realy kind and helpful also when they were talking to us they were talking so softly.
    During miss jones was putting us in groups with miss jones,miss jackson and also shajahans mum.
    when miss jones picked me to be in miss jacksons group it was realy fun with her because we get to vist places in the libary.

  3. to the libary,
    thank you for the libary visit . you have helped us with our learning .we looked at how you orderd the books alphbectly.

    yours faitfully

  4. Dear library

    Thank you for letting me into the library.Did you know that I like books so much?
    I also came to look at what order the books where in.It was in the A B C order.
    My parents sighned the paper you gave me.

    Yours Sincery Elyass :)

  5. To the library I had lots of fun I leant that the books are in alphabetical I reeaded all cinens of books I eaven played activities and I had lots of fun and games.
    We leart that the libary sounds boring but when you go it’s amazing.your faithfully pasoon.

  6. foleshill library
    broadheath primary school
    dear sir or madum
    I am writing to say that tank you for letting us come to the library.i really hope that we can go to the library again soon.cause we went to the library I know more about our learning.

  7. Foleshill library, broad heath primary school
    broad street

    I am thanking for the visit to your library. The books were in order. You are the best library in the whole wild world.

  8. foleshill
    Broad Street
    Dear Librarian

    I want to thank you for Leting me and my
    mates come to the best Library we where
    learning about Alhbetc you use it

    Your search sickly Abir

  9. Foleshill Library
    Broad Heath
    CV6 5BG

    Date:10th May 2015

    Dear,Library Staff

    I writing to say thank you very much for me to visit the library on Friday 8th May 2015, I had a wonderful day. I learnt that how the books are put in order.

    In all the sections the books were in alphabetical and well organised. I had lots fun and a good time.

    Yours Sincerely

    Arshdeep Dhanda

  10. Dear Foleshill library,
    I am writing to you to thank you for spending your time telling us important information about the library like the summer reading challenge. I am surely going to take part in it. It is very exciting and perfect for me as i love to read.
    Yours faithfully,
    Broad Heath
    Haleema Asif

  11. foleshill library
    broad street

    Dear library
    I love the library because it was fun, iquiten the library we were looking at alphabectical order in English .
    In the library it was queit because the teacher was talking to us
    and there were people reading books.

  12. Foleshill library
    Broad street

    Dear librarian
    I am writing to let you know that I enjoyed my trip to the library.I learned how books are ordered by there names of authors. I also liked doing the word search.we also took out some books using our library cards. Thank you for letting us visit.
    Your sincerely usman khan

  13. Foleshill library
    Coventry broad street
    Dear library I am writing to let you know that I enjoyed my trip to the library.i learned how books are ordered by there names of authors. I also liked doing the word search.we also took out some books using our library cards. Thank you for letting us visit.
    Your sincerely usman khan

  14. Foleshill library,
    Broad street
    CV6 5BG
    Coventry My name is Moman I am 8 years old,I like swimming and . I am in year 3 and my teachers name is miss king and miss Bhandall thanks for letting us to your library.

    In your library I learnt how to organise books if I write one so thanks again for the library I would like to ask you why do you need a library card.

  15. Ruqayyah Khamis,
    Broad Heath Primary School,
    Hanford Close,
    CV6 5DP.

    Foleshill Library
    Broad Street
    CV6 5BG.
    Dear sir/Madam,

    I am writing this letter to tell you that,I had a nice time at the library. Also I thank you for giving us information about opening times of the Library and what time to come to the Library to have fun. My favarot time was when we had the word search, when we get a chance to copy out our book on the computer and design it. Also I get a chance to pick my book mark, take it home and design it.

    Your Faithfully,

  16. Broad Heath Primary School
    Hanford Close
    CV6 5DP

    09 May 2015
    Foleshill Library
    Broad Street

    Dear sir or madam,

    I am writing to you to thank you for having year 3 from Broad Heath Primary School on Friday 8th May.

    Me am my class 3J would have enjoyed the experience more if we had more time in the library.

    Thank you anyway and we hope to come again soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Miss Inaaya Khan.

  17. Foleshill Library
    Broad street

    Dear Librarian,
    Thank you for the fabulous day at the Library, it was very good there. I have been there lots of times and the book I got was move on with subtracting. I have learnt that the order can be alphabet, numbers and subjects.Fiction books are not real and non-fiction is real, I thought it was the other way around.
    Yours faithfully Louis.

  18. Foleshil library
    Broad street

    dear, staff

    I am writing to you to say a huge thank you to letting us to go in the lovely and quite library.

    I had a wonderful time at the library.I go every saturday and sunday.You welcomed us so nicley.I love the organised into non-fiction,ficton and much more.

    I would love to visit again soon.

    Yours sencirley Hamda

  19. Foleshill Library
    Broad Street
    CV6 5GB

    10th May 2015.

    Dear Sir of Madam,

    I am writing to you, because I want to thank you for showing me around your beautiful library. I saw many books in alphabetic order. There were many new and old books write by different authors, The staff at the library was very helpful, polite and caring. I saw all the different activities that the library offer, such as StoryTimes on Saturdays.

    I found it really use to know how the library sorts its books in orders. There are many section to choose books like non fiction and fiction.

    I want to thank you, for showing me how the library works.

    Your Sincerely


  20. Foleshill library
    Broad Street
    CV6 5BG

    dear librarian,

    Thank you for letting us visit you library , I do like how the books were organised.The books were organized by the authors surname.They even gave us word searches to take home!

  21. Foleshill Library
    Broad Street
    CV6 5GB
    Dear librarian

    Thank you for letting us in the library it was very fun. We learnt that how the books and DVDS are order in. The Books are order in the surname of the Authors and the DVD are order in title thank you for the word search we learnt so much . It was a wonderful and informative trip.
    Yours Sincerely Ibrahim.

  22. To the library
    I am writing to to tell you how much fun I had.I was so suprised that you had alex T .smith books.
    My favourite book was the black bat.
    Your sincerly safa khan.

  23. Foleshill Library Broad Heath Primary School
    Broad Street Handford Close
    Coventry,CV6 5DP


    Dear staff,
    I am writing this letter to say a huge thank you for letting us visit your quite smooth library.

    I came to visit your library along with my teachers and classmates on the 8th of May.
    When we came in you welcomed us kindly, and you gave us information about the cards and about your books. Fiction books on the left and Non Ficton books on the right.I liked the order how the good bits were organised.The library was awesome like it wasn’t a jungle.If it was like a jungle I wouldn’t like it.The baby bits were cool and the grown up bits were awesome.

    In addition there were a huge collectin of books on different subjects.The books were all in alphabetical order which were easy to reach to.And also there were many computers with internet facilities free to use.The environment was quiet and friendly.I will say a thank you once more because it was very cool indeed.

    You were so kind like a hospital nurse however in your library there were lots of staff.You were perfect patient indeed.And when we came,you let us in so kindly that I didn’t believe.It was cool indeed and I really enjoyed to visit your library.

    Thank you for that cool day.I will see you again soon and goodbye.Have a nice day!
    Yours Sincerely,Hamdia

  24. Foleshill libary
    Broad Street
    Staff at Foleshill libary,
    I am writing to tell you what a wonderfull time I had when I visited Foleshill libary. My karate is right next to you in the hall so I go evrey Friday and Saturday. The books are ordered perfectly. My faviourate author is Rosie Banks. The lady who introduced us to the libary is nice and so is all the staff.
    Sincerely Maleeha( a person from the libary )

  25. When we where walking with our partners we where walking sensibly.
    When we got there was a lady which was kind and very informational and she said we can take word search home.
    We where learning about the order and the alphabetical order in the library and also we read books In the library.
    Some of the children brang a library card.

    Your sincerely

  26. To the Library,
    Thank you very much for allowing me to visit your library today with my class at Broad Heath i have been learning about non fiction and fiction also about categorised Books also about putting things in order of the alphabet.
    Thankyou Damien Davies

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