117 thoughts on “Year 3 Homework Week 3

  1. Stig looks more like an animal, more of a monkey how he is sitting.
    He has big hands and feet ,he looks strong .He looks hairy and like he can run on all four hands and feet.He looks rough and messy hair.

    • Good scores Ianis. Can you tell me one thing that you’ve learnt by taking the quiz on Education City?

      Keep working on your time for TTRS. The more you go on it the better your score will be.

  2. I have completed my tasks on Education City and TTRS.

    Stig the caveman is trying to set a fire with a giant stick. He has long hair and not many clothes on and he is cold. I know this because he is trying to start a fire to get warm.
    Stig doesn’t have shoes on because cavemen don’t wear shoes. He lives in a dump. That is why the story is called Stig of the dump.

  3. Stig of the dump
    1. Stig kindly showed Barney his house while Barney was in the pit.
    2. When Barney first met Stig, Stig was a bit grumpy.
    3. When Barney was in the pit he happily had a great time with Stig.
    4. As Stig showed Barney his home, Barney wished he lived there.
    5. Before Stig was grumpy until he became quiet friendly.

    • Great score on Education City Harrison but I think you need lots more practise on TTRS. Can you tell me. Remember the more you go on it the better your score will be and the quicker you’ll be able to answer the questions.
      What 3×3 is?

  4. I got 100% in Education city
    The caveman is big and he is cleaning up the cave.
    He is a poor man and he does not have any food or water.
    The caveman needs to hunt for animals.

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