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  1. Furst get a bread
    Next put your butter in your bred and spred
    Then get the cheese
    After cut the tomatoes
    Finally put the bread in top

    in joy your sawing

  2. Blue
    There are 48 sweets.
    I know this because 4 times 12 is 48
    They need to get 3 carriages.
    I know this because 3 lots of 4 is 12
    Each person receives 3 sweets.
    I know this because twelve divided by 4 is three
    There are 8 sweets left.
    I know this because 12 – 4 = 8

  3. Italian menu
    Pizza 🍕
    Pasta 🍝
    Salad 🥗
    Soup 🍜
    Garlic bread 🥖
    Macroni cheese 🧀
    Spaghetti Bolognese
    Cheese cake 🍰
    The answer is green because you can share it eaquly.12 dive by 4.

  4. Maths. 3×4=12. So 12 decide by 4 will equal 3
    First wash your hands 🙌
    Next get two pieces of bread from the packet🥖🍞
    Next spread the jame on top and then you can enjoy your sandwich 🥪

  5. Maths: the answer is green 12 crayons divided by 4 because decided means to share. 12 ÷4 =3

    Step 1 get two pieces of bread
    Step 2 get a jar of jam and open it
    Step 3 get a knife and dip it into the jam
    Step 4 spread the jam with the knife on one piece of bread
    Step 5 cover the jam bread with thee other piece of bread
    Step 6 cut in the middle and turn and cut it again to mke 4 pieces of the sandwich.

  6. How to make jam toast

    First wash your hands. Second, get two pieces of bread. Then get the jam and a knife. Afterwards, spread the jam on both bread using the knife and put it on the plate. Finally you fold the bread and eat it!

    The first is 12 multiplied by 4.
    The second is 4 times 4.
    The third is 12 divided by 4 (the answer)
    The last one is 12 take away 4.

    Starters :
    garlic bread🍞
    Roasted peppers🌶

    Spaghetti bollegnese🍝
    Spicy pasta🌶
    Macaroni cheese 🧀
    Meat balls🧆
    Spinach salad🥗
    Ceasar salad🥗
    Minestrone soup 🍲

    Cheese cake🍰
    Gelato 🍦
    Creme brulle🍮

    Red wine 🍷
    White wine🍹
    Ice cream soda🥤
    Grape soda🧃

  8. My favourite sandwiche is
    1. You get two slices of bread on a plate.
    2.Then get the jam and with a knife spread it evenly on both pieces.
    3.Next get your favourite cookie cutter and make a shape in your sandwich.
    4. Now serve and enjoy !

  9. 1.
    12 x 4
    Because 12 bags of sweets with 4 in each one
    12 ÷4
    Because 12 people need to go on a ride and and 4 can fit , so u sharer 12
    between 4
    12 crayons shared between 4 .
    12 _4
    Because he gives 4 away

  10. English;
    How to make a yummy, delicious tuna sandwich .
    2 slices of bread spoon
    one can of tuna, chopping board
    butter , salt and pepper

    Open the tuna can and drain the water.
    Mix the tuna with mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper
    Now prepare the sandwich with two slices of bread and the tuna filling

  11. How to make a butter sandwich
    First get two pieces of bread
    Next get butter
    And then And open the lid for the butter and spread the butter
    When does the other piece of bread and put it on the other piece of bread
    Now you have a butter sandwich

    Indian menu
    Pizza 12£
    Pasta 12£
    Olive oil salad 10£ small olive oil salad 5£
    Soup 6£
    Lasagna 15£

  12. How to make a jam and buter sandwich
    Firstly thourly wash your hands with soap.
    Secondly get 2 pieces of fresh bread.
    Thirdly get some jam and spread it on the bread with
    After that do the same with butter.
    Next put the 2 pieces of bread together.
    Now slice the bread into an ”x” shape.
    Finally, take a slice and eat it.

    • Good try Mohammed but I think that you’ve miss understood the wow home work. You need to make a menu. Remember we use pounds and pence to pay for things here. It’s only in Europe that they use Euros.

  13. 1.Get a piece of bread and cut it open.
    2.Then put olives inside the sandwich.
    3.put cucumber s inside the sandwich.
    4.put the sandwich in the oven.
    5. Enjoy your sandwich.

  14. 12/4= 3 the green one because you need to share the crayons.
    How to make a sandwich
    Get 2 slices of bread.
    Then get Nutella from the cupboard.
    Get a butter knife and spread Nutella on one slice.
    Put both slices together and cut in the middle.
    Put it on a plate.

  15. Maths
    1. 12×4= 48 Altogether there are 48 sweets.
    2. 12 divide 4 = 3
    3. 13÷4=3 Each person has 3 crayons.
    4. He has 8 buns because 12 takeaway 4 equals 8.


    How to make a cheese sandwich.
    1. First of all wash your hands.
    2. After that get your equipment and ingredients ready.
    3. You can then grate some cheddar cheese.
    4. Then spread some butter on one side of a slice of bread and add the cheese onto it.
    5. Get the other slice of bread and spread some butter onto one side and then add that side on top of the cheese.
    6. Finally you can enjoy it.

  16. English homework.
    My favourite egg sandwich.
    Ingredient ,
    1 Egg
    Black paper
    First crack one egg in to the boul,
    Chope onion and tomato and then put it in to the egg, and then mixed with black paper and salt, after that cook it in low heat, and then put it on top of your bread, make it like sandwich.

  17. Maths
    1. There are 48 sweets altogether.
    2. You will need 3 carriages.
    3. 3 because 12 divided by 4 equals 3.
    4. You have 8 left.
    Number 2 and number 3 are the same.
    How to make a Nutella sandwich
    Equipment: Nutella, bread, knife, chopping board and plate.
    First, get your chopping board.
    Next, take a bread and put it on your chopping board.
    Then, take your knife and spread some Nutella on your bread.
    After that, take another piece of bread and put it on top of the other bread.
    Finally, enjoy your sandwich!
    Wow work
    Italian menu: Pepperoni pizza, mushroom pizza, onion pizza, tiramisu, lasagne and spaghetti.

  18. Wow.
    Italy menu.
    Olive salad.
    Peanut butter sandwich.
    Peanut butter.
    Two slices of bread.
    Firstly get the two slices of bread then put It on the plate.
    Secondly spread the peanut butter on first piece of bread.
    Finally get the other piece and put it on top of the other one then cut it in half and now you can enjoy it.

  19. Maths:
    – The second one and the third one are dividing 12 ÷ 4 = 3
    – The first one is multiplying 4 x 12 = 48
    – The forth one is subtraction. 12 – 4 = 8

    English Italian sandwich:
    – Italian herbs baguette
    – Lettuce
    – Cheese sottilette
    – Tomatoes
    – Cucumber
    – Tuna
    – Salt and pepper.

    First cut open the baguette
    Then put the cheese and toast the bread so the cheese can melt.
    After that add the tuna, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber and lettuce.
    Next sprinkle some salt and pepper on the sandwich.
    Finally close the bread, squish it and enjoy your juicy , tasty Italian sandwich.

  20. My instructions to make a cucumber sandwich.

    Bread,knife,plate,cheese spread,cucumber and butter

    Step .1.Grab a pic of bread then place it on the table.

    Step .2.Once you have placed you bread on the table grab your knife and get some butter on it then spread it on the butter.

    Step .3.Now that you have spreaded the butter on the bread spread some of the cheese spread onto of the butter.

    Step .4.After that get your cucumber and slice it into litte skinny circles.

    Step.5.So now you have cute the cucumbers into skinny circles place them onto the bread.

    Step.6.since you’ve done that grab another piece of bread and place it onto the other piece of bread.

    Step.7.Finally put it onto the plate and then eat it.

  21. To make a jam sandwich you will need bread ,Jam ,Butter, and a knife firstly take one slice of bread next you take the jam open the lid then spread it on the slice of bread then spread the jam on the bread then spread the butter on the bread then take the second of bread then put the bread on top of the other bread.
    12×4= 48 there are 48 sweets in the bags.
    4×3=12 we need 3 carriages for 12 people
    12/4 = 3 each person will get 3 crayons
    12-4 = 8 i will have 8 buns left

  22. Math
    There are 48 sweets in all the bags
    You need 3 carriages to hold 12 people
    Share equally means division
    I take away 4 and the answer is 8.
    First you need to gett two breads.
    Second get some jam and spread it on one bread and the edges.
    Finaly bring the other bread on the bread that have jam on .

  23. how to make ice jam sandwich
    First get two slices of bread then get your jam.Secondly Open your Jam and then put your Knife in the jam then spread the jam and get each connects.
    Finally flipped your bread over and blues upside down over the bread.
    The rollercoaster can hold 48 people.
    12÷4 =3

  24. Maths:
    1. 12X4=48 sweets.
    Altogether the sweets are 48.
    2. 3×4=12 rollercoaster carriages.
    We need 3 carriages for 12 people.
    3. 12 divided by 4 = 3 crayons.
    Each people have 3 crayons so number 3 is solved.
    4. 12-4=8 buns
    I have 8 left.

    How to make a cheese sandwich:
    1. Wash your hands with soap and water nicely.
    2. Get 2 slices of bread, any bread you like.
    3. Get any type of plate, plastic,glass,any type.
    4. If you like crusty bread, put it in the toaster.
    5. Get some fresh, nice cheese and place it on your plate.
    6. Get the bread out of the toaster then cut it in half if you want 2 slices of bread.
    7. Put the cheese on your good-looking bread and put the other bread that you have cut on your yellow,nice, good cheese.
    8. taste your nice cheese sandwich!
    9. When you finished, wash your hands with soap and water again so you make sure your hands don’t have dirty, disgusting germs.

  25. English:
    First you have to prepare yourself and take out all of the equipment and the ingredients.
    Then place two slices of bread on your plate.
    Using your knife, spread some margarine on one side of each slice of the bread.
    After this, put some jam on one of the bread slices and use your knife to spread it.
    Then take the other slice of bread and put it on top of the other with the margarine side touching the jam.
    Finally, cut the sandwich in half and serve with your favourite pack of crisps.
    Enjoy your lunch.

    We have uploaded a couple of photo’s.

    The second one can be solved by 12 dived by 4. I know this because 12 people divided by 4 per carriage equals 3 carriages.

    The third one can also be solved by 12 dived by 4. I know this because 12 crayons dived by 4 people equals 3 crayons each.

    The fist one is 12 times 4 equals 48 sweets altogether.

    The fourth one is 12 take away 4 equals 8 buns left.

  26. English
    Write instructions for making your favourite sandwich.
    Chocolate nutella.
    1.First wash you hands.
    2.Get two pieces of bread .
    3.Next get a plate and put the two pieces of bread on the plate.
    4.Then spread the chocolate nutella on one piece of bread.
    5.After get the other piece of bread with no chocolate in it.
    6.Finally serve it and enjoy.

    • Maths
      The second and third are right.
      The answer is 12 divide 4 = 3.
      They have a divide because 4 divided by 12=48 and 12 divided by 4=48 to.
      I am going to make a 🍕for dinner using:
      Flour🥡, 🥃olive oil,salt tomato paste🥫, black pepper, sweet pepper🫑, cheese 🧀 and onion 🧅

  27. English
    Things you need
    Chopping bord
    How to make your sandwich
    First get 2 slices of bread.
    Next get the knife and spread some Nutella on the bread
    After that place the first bread on the second bread
    Then cut the sandwich into halves
    Finally eat and enjoy

  28. Maths
    1. There are 48 sweets altogether.
    2. They needed 3 rollercoasters for 12 people.
    3. Each perso have 3 crayons.
    4. I have 8 buns left.
    First wash your hands.
    Then get two slices of breads.
    Get a plate, knife and som nutella chocolate.
    Next spread the nutella on the bread.
    After that put the scend slice of bread on top of the nutella bread.
    Finally cut the bread into two pieces and enjoy.

  29. The yellow and green word problems can be solved using 12÷4.
    First wash your hands.
    Then get two slices of bread and add butter onto the bread.
    After this spread Nutella onto the bread and butter.
    Finally put the 2 Slices of bread on top of each other and then eat the sandwich.

  30. Gold

    My favourite sandwich is a jam sandwich.
    First of all you need bread, jam and a knife.
    1) cut the bread sides off.
    2) spread the jam on the bread.
    3) put the other half of the bread on the other bread and cut in half.

  31. English
    bread , Jam
    First take two breads and put on the plate.
    Secondly get the butter knife and spread jam on breads.
    Next cut it into half.
    Finally, serve and enjoy the sandwich!😄
    Italy menu
    olive salad
    Spaghetti and Bolognese

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