Year 3 Homework week 4

Hello Year 3! Please complete a minimum of 2 pieces of homework.


Complete the following reasoning problems on the blog.

Find at least 4 different possible outcomes and show your working out.


Last week we were learning about mythical beasts in English. Your task is to write a description of your mythical beasts. Include: – Expanded noun phrases -Subordinating conjunctions (e.g., however, although, before, after) -Prepositional language (e.g. above, on top, underneath) Challenge: Include similes to describe your mythical beast.

Similes in Writing -

Wow Work!

Create a Roman fact file. Use the information you have learnt in school and research extra facts at home to create a fact file which has the wow factor! Write this into your homework book and use the template below to guide you.

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  1. My mythical beast is furry as a sheep.
    He smells like a swamp.
    He loves to eat humans like a man eating monster.
    He runs as fast as a cheater🐆.
    He likes to hunt like a hunter.

  2. Maths
    Rosie has 28p more than Tommy.

    Eva can buy
    Yo yo £3.49
    Socks £2.50

    Chocolate £1.35
    Ruler 99p
    Yo-yo £3.49

    6 rulers 99p

    Yo-yo £3.49
    Chocolate £1.35
    Ruler 99p


    They enjoyed extravagant lifestyle with luxurious furnishings. Surrounded by servants and slaves to cater to their every desire many would hold dinner parties and serve exotic dishes.

    Food and drinks
    Romans usually had meat fish salad eggs fruits and wine for lunch.

    Hobbies and interests
    Men all over Rome enjoyed riding fencing wrestling throwing and swimming. In the country they went hunting and fishing and played ball while at home.

    Other information
    . Romans would bath together.
    . The Romans invented loads of things.
    . Romans form of entertainment was gladiator fights.
    . Rich Romans had servants.
    . Ancient Rome is underground.
    . Roman men would wear a long robe called a toga.

  3. MATH!
    Rosie has 28p more than Tommy.
    Eva can buy a
    Chocolate and sock=£3.85
    Sock and yoyo=£5.99
    Ruler,yoyo and Chocolate=£5.83
    Yoyo and Chocolate=£4.84.

  4. Math
    Rosie has 28p more than Tommy.
    Eva can buy a yoyo and socks or chocolate and a ruler or yoyo and a ruler or socks and chocolate because the total make less than 6 pounds.

  5. mathematics) Rosie has 28p more than Tommy.

    Eva can buy a yoyo and socks.
    Eva can buy chocolate,ruler and socks.
    Eva can buy socks and chocolate.
    Eva can buy a yoyo and ruler.

    My mythical beast is a vicious bird and has a red eye and can breathe fire.He can also breath ice/water he would take every animal in the world all to himself.

  6. Maths
    Rosie has 28p more than Tommy.
    Eva can buy chocolate £1.35 ruler 99p socks £2.50
    Total £4.84
    Chocolate £1.35 and yoyo £3.49
    Total £4.84
    My beast has magical powers, if you come near him he will disappear.
    He has a long tongue, like a lizards one.
    He can eat you just like how lions do.
    My beast is blue like the ocean and has red spots.

  7. Maths

    Rosie has £2 and Tommy has £1.72P
    We need to take off 1.72 from 2 to get how much more money Rosie has got

    which is 28p

    Eva can have
    1 yo yo 1 socks
    1 yo yo 1 choclate and one ruler
    1 socks 1 choclate and one ruler
    2 socks and one ruler


    I learned about Minotaur last week
    Minotaur has a strong body
    Although it has a strong body, it does not have full clothes
    It has horns on top the head
    Minotaur’s body resembles a human and tail and head as bull

  8. Maths
    28p more
    1)yo-yo , ruler, chocolate
    2) socks, ruler, chocolate
    4) yo-yo, ruler

    My creature is a red and green dragon. It has 3 tails that are next to each other. It has one red eye and one green eye.

    • My mystical beast has the wings of a hawk, the body of a really long snake and it also has two arms and two legs. It has the head of a dragon and his tongue is as black as the midnight sky. He has spikes along his back like a spinosaurus and they are as sharp ro as a blade.

      Although he only flies above the clouds, he can still see the humans on the ground.
      His back is green, red and black, and his front is gold and white. He has two lomg fangs in the sticking out from the middle of his teeth. The end.of his tail has two venomous fingers.

  9. Rosie has 28p more than Tommy
    Uo yo and socks=5.99
    Chocolate , ruler and socks=4.84
    Chocolate and socks=3.85
    Yo yo and ruler=4.48

  10. My mythical creature was a stunning and cute animal. Her name was fang and she looks adorable . Her body looks like a fluffy cat 🐈 and her head was enormous T-rex with big scary orange 🍊 eyes 👀.
    Her wings was like a big butterfly 🦋.
    Her teeth as a hungry sharks 🦈.
    Her feet was like a yellow duck.

  11. English:


    The mythical beast has Sharp teeth like sword and her eyes are white like paper.
    The mythical beast can do eneything although her weekness is enormous big storms however she gets tired really fast.
    She likes to eat people as she doesn’t like to eat grass.
    She has sharp skin undernath her back.
    When someone touch her tail, she turns invisible.

  12. Maths:–
    Rosie has 28p more than Tommy.
    2.00 _ 1.72= 0.28
    Eva can buy one pair of socks and a yoyo.
    She can buy a chocolate 🍫, a ruler and one pair of socks. 1.35+0.99+2.50=4.84
    She can buy a ruler and a chocolate 🍫.
    She can buy a yoyo and a chocolate 🍫.

  13. Maths
    1. 28
    2. He can buy 99p £1.35 and £2.50
    He can buy 99p and two of £2.50
    He can buy £3.49 twice.
    He can buy £1.35 twice and 99p twice.

  14. Maths:

    How much more money does Rosie have than Tommy?

    Rosie has 28p more than Tommy.

    Eva has £6 to spend.

    4 different outcomes

    1. Yoyo + Socks

    2. Ruler x 2 (2 pairs) + Chocolate + socks

    3. Yoyo + Ruler + Chocolate

    4. Socks x 2 (2 pairs) + Ruler

  15. There are lots of combinations you can buy with 6 pound .
    Yo yo and socks =5.99
    Chocolate ,ruler and socks =4.84
    Socks and chocolate =3.85
    Yo yo and ruler =4.48

  16. My mythical creature was a stunning majestic ceberus. He looks adorable however he can be fierce as tiger.His bite is as powerfull as a sharks bite and his eyes are as red as rubies in the day shining in the sun an dred as blood at night in the moon light.Although he can be scary his a real hero because he slays dragons .His bark is so loud it can be heard 1000 Miles away it can even cause an earthquake .He has pitch-black hair like midnight and is as strong as a bull.

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