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  1. Keyan

    The crime scene was very dirty and messy. It had broken twigs and over grown leaves everywhere. There was also a big black spider and a green snake hiding at the top.

  2. At the crime scene, there are weapons that have been broken like a wooden spear. There are green, ripped leaves on the roof and a snake on the roof too.
    There is a dead squirrel and dead tiger at the scene.

    There is a sign that says if anyone knows any information they should contact the Y3 team. And there is also another sign on yellow tape that says “crime scene, do not enter”.

  3. I can see a broken weapon and also broken cave painting. I can scary snake and spider.
    Someone ruined the cave by throwing and destroying the cave items.

  4. There are broken sticks around the crime scene.
    The do not enter tape will stop anyone from entering.
    There are many blankets in the cave.
    There seems to be snakes and spiders inside.

  5. I have practised my times tables.

    The crime scene is messy. There is a broken sharp spear and the fire is out. Stig and his family are missing and there is a green snake hiding in the top. It is dark inside the cave. There is a scruffy cave painting inside. There is a big black spider on the floor.

  6. The crime scene says do not touch because it could mess the evidence up, their might be evidence in their like foot prints , finger prints , hairs or something else that can help catch the criminal. The cave looks like it has been ransacked and abandoned, but it doesn’t look like they took anything because I can see the animal skins and his weapon , The fire is out which means no one has been there for a while.

  7. I have done TTRS
    Stigs Enemey take out the fire.
    Now the spider are in his cave and snaks and his family gone.
    In the cave there was broken spear.
    In the cave there was no food i think someone stole it because they can’t be bothered to get own food.
    In the cave there was some many rusted and dirty the rocks.
    I see the cave that there is scary creepy cave paintings.
    I can see in the cave there was big spider in the cave.
    I can see in the cave there was some much of shells and the shells look all mudy and all of rusty.
    In the cave there was lots of mess and I think someone has messed it up.
    They may be weapons in the crime scene.
    Caveman have be stole the food and his family gone.

  8. I have completed TTRS .

    Breaking news from a crime scene .
    I saw there “Do not Enter sign Crime Scene “.
    This is Stig’s broken cave.
    I saw that, someone stole stigs food and broken his spear .
    I think some bad people who kidnapped stigs family.
    I don’t think a wild lion did this, I think chalk did it by making lots of mess and destructive inside that cave.
    Someone did a revenge attack on .

  9. I got 24 correct on TTRS and 6 incorrect.
    The crime scene was horrifyingly, horrible! There was a scary slithering snake, messy, scary broken things in the cave and a broken spear!
    The cave had a spider coming, it is terrifyingly terrible! The warm hard-working fire is out, sticks all messed up at the floor, on the top of the cave there is some leaves, and a green background. There is also a ‘DO NOT ENTER’ sign in front of it! Even shells and rusty rocks are with the green grass! Be aware of not entering this cruel cave!

  10. I have done ttrs.

    The crime scene was shocking!
    There were bugs and shells.
    There was a broken weapon.
    There were berry footprints.
    There is a snake on the cave.
    The fire has been put out.

  11. The crime scene is very dangerous area, we should not enter. It has a green, spooky and scary snake. It is very untidy and cracked things were everywhere. Nobody should enter the deadly crime scene without further permission because it says crime scene dot not enter.

  12. It is a crime scene
    Something bad has happened
    It’s a mess
    Police are searching for the person who done it
    Might be weapons
    Has be abandoned

  13. 1. Ripped clothing.
    2.Crushed berries.
    3.A Brocken spear.
    4.A fire was out.
    5.Creatures on the floor.
    6.A snake on the top of the cave.
    7.His children where lost.

  14. I have done ttrs.
    Crime scene
    This is stig broken cave.
    There is a broken weapen in the
    There is a smudge picture in the cave.
    The fire is still on.
    There is foot print .
    There is a snake on top of the roof.
    There is a spider on the floor .

  15. The crime scene was unbelievable, you couldn’t say anything. The green snake is camouflaged with the background. It is very messy.
    It says ” do not enter” which is a good thing as it can be upsetting to see everything broken and scattered on the floor.

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